A friend of Raman Abramovich reveals why the owner of “Chelsea” refused to lead the club

Roman Abramovich hands over control of Chelsea (Getty)

Raman Abramovich resigned from the leadership Chelsea in order not to allow the club to “become hostage to anti-Russian sanctions,” according to a close friend of the billionaire.

On Saturday, Chelsea confirmed that Abramovich passed greetingss guardianship of trustees of the club’s charity fund.

Chelsea Charitable Foundation headed by club chairman Bruce Buck. Other trustees are Chelsea women’s manager Emma Hayes. Chelsea CFO Paul Ramos Piara Cook, who is the executive director of the anti-racist organization Fare. Sebastian Coe, President of World Athletics. Hugh Robertson, who is chairman of the British Olympic Association and a former MP, as well as sports lawyer John Devine.

Abramovich can continue to finance Chelsea, while the club’s internal work will remain unchanged, and Marina Granovskaya still controls football operations.

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However, Abramovich abandoned the club after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine.

“He is really doing this so that the club does not become hostage to anti-Russian sanctions, which will continue for some time,” said a friend of Abramovich. Financial Times.

Raman Abramovich celebrates with Cesar Aspilicueta after Chelsea’s victory at the World Club Championship in Dubai this month (Getty)

Earlier this week, the UK government has announced a list of sanctions against Russian banks, oligarchs and companies.

While sanctions against Abramovich did not fall, Labor MP Chris Bryant called for the confiscation of his assets, including Chelsea.

“I received a leak from 2019 Home officewhere it is said, in relation to Mr. Abramovich, ”Bryant said in the House of Commons.

“As part of HMGs Russia’s strategy to combat illicit finance and malicious activity, Abramovich remains interested in HMG because of its ties to the Russian state and its public association with corrupt activities and practices.

“An example of this is Abramovich’s confession at the trial that he was paying for political influence.

“HMG is therefore focused on ensuring that those involved in illegal funding and malicious activities cannot establish themselves in the UK and will use the appropriate tools at its disposal, including immigration powers, to prevent this.

“It was almost three years ago, but very little has been done about it. Probably, Mr. Abramovich should no longer have the right to own a football club in this country? ”

“Surely we should think about confiscating some of his assets, including his home for £ 152 million? And make sure that other people who had such a first-level visa did not participate in malicious activities in the UK. “

In a statement on Saturday, Abramovich said: “During my almost 20 years at FC Chelsea, I have always seen my role as the keeper of a club whose job is to make us as successful as we can be today, and to build for the future as well as playing a positive role in our communities.

“I have always made decisions based on the interests of the club. I remain committed to these values. That is why today I am handing over to the trustees of the Chelsea Charitable Foundation the management and care of Chelsea FC.

“I believe they are now in a better position to take care of the interests of the club, the players, the staff and the fans.”

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A friend of Raman Abramovich reveals why the owner of "Chelsea" refused to lead the club

Source link A friend of Raman Abramovich reveals why the owner of "Chelsea" refused to lead the club