A mushroom hunter found the body near a highway in Oregon, police say



A mushroom hunter found the man’s body on Saturday, May 21, Oregon police said.

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A the mushroom hunter cleaned area and stumbled upon the body, Oregon lawmakers said.

A man was looking for mushrooms on Saturday, May 21, when he found the body, the Deshut County Sheriff’s Office said. The man’s body was found near Highway 242 in Oregon.

“Deputies arrived on the scene and began an investigation into the death,” the sheriff said in a May 23 statement. “The investigation found no evidence of indecent play.”

The body has not been identified, deputies said. Investigators do not publicly say whether they know how the body got there.

“The message of the family will be made after confirmation of his identity,” – said the deputies.

At least three other mushroom hunters have found human remains this spring, McClatchy News reports.

Earlier in May Fr. a group of mushroom hunters in Missouri “stumbled upon an old dug well full of water” and wanted to know how deep the well was. They grabbed a stick to check its depth and found a human body, McClatchy News reports.

The body of 60-year-old Kevin Bruce Rogers, who is known to have lived in Springfield, about 45 miles southwest of where his body was found, was later identified.

In Iowa, Fr. mushroom hunter found on the road a woman’s body. Her body is believed to have been there “for some time,” police told McClatchy News.

In April Fr. a mushroom hunter in Indiana found the boy’s body “near the roadway in a dense forest.”

Many mushroom hunters begin the search from late March to early May, according to McClatchy News. Morels are likely to appear if the daytime temperature is below 70.

Morels are wild edible mushrooms that are known to be delicious. They are hard to spot because they are disguised in the environment.

Maddie Capron is a real-time news reporter for McClachie, focusing on nature and wildlife in the western United States.

A mushroom hunter found the body near a highway in Oregon, police say

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