A new PlayStation “Spartacus” subscription will cost from $ 10


Late last year, it became clear that Sony plans to launch a new PlayStation subscription service codenamed Spartacusand other than the cost, there was quite a bit of information about what the service would offer.

Rumor has it that the PlayStation Spartacus service is basically a new and improved version of the PlayStation Plus through tiered plans – now rumored to cost $ 10 a month. According to Jeff Grab of GamesBeat, this will be one of three tier plans offered by Sony. These levels are tentatively called PlayStation Plus Essential, PlayStation Plus Extra and PlayStation Plus Premium.

It is unclear whether these will be the official names of the service levels when all is done. But that seems to be what Sony now calls them internally.

As noted in last year’s report, each level will give subscribers more benefits. All three levels will offer monthly games, like the current version of the PlayStation Plus. But only the third level, for example, will offer things like streaming and classic games.

The PlayStation Plus Premium will cost $ 16 a month

So if you don’t want anything more than that PS Plus offers you now? Well, then it seems like you’ll pay $ 10 a month for a subscription. Those who already have a PlayStation Plus priced at $ 10 a month shouldn’t expect things to change as long as Sony sticks to that price.

Those who want a little more will spend $ 13 a month on a PlayStation Plus Extra plan. Or $ 16 a month if they want a full-fledged PlayStation Plus Premium plan. In terms of value, the Premium Plan is probably the way for many.

In addition to free monthly games, discounts and a game catalog, you will also receive the aforementioned broadcast. Plan Premium also offers trial games for new PlayStation games and a library of classic games.

Testing will begin in a few weeks

It has already been reported that Sony plans to launch this new service in 2022. And it seems the company may be on its way to that. It is reported that testing will begin in just a few weeks. And if that ends, some lucky PlayStation owners will be able to try out new plans sooner.

Sony has not yet officially announced this service. And it leaves things open for possible change. Anything can go from different prices to rejecting any stages of testing.

A new PlayStation “Spartacus” subscription will cost from $ 10

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