Abarth is actively working on an option for Hot Hatch electric Fiat 500


This article includes speculative illustrations to an Abarth version of the electric Fiat 500 created by Thanas Papas for CarScoops that is not affiliated with or endorsed by Abarth.

Since the opening of the electric fiat 500 in 2020 Abarth fans wanted to see what the Scorpion brand would do with it as a replacement for aging range 595/695. Two years later, Oliver Francois, CEO of Fiat and Abarth, acknowledged that development is in full swing and the production model will appear soon after official confirmation, probably in the second half of 2023.

The first-ever EV Abarth was hinted at during the European launch of the Fiat 500 in October 2020. Francois then told reporters he would like to see a productive version of the electric city car, praising its driving pleasure characteristics and saying it was a great starting point for Abarth engineers. A year and a half later, he reconsiders the issue he is talking to The car.

Boss Abarth now confirms that they are “actively working” on the production version of the 500, although he admits that it is “harder to deliver” than he originally thought. He argues that while electric cars are fun to drive, “if you want to make a real Abarth, it’s not the same electric transmission,” explaining that once EV reaches the power and torque targets, transmission, transmission and brakes should also be adapted, which obviously means a longer period of research and development.

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Despite the obstacles, Francois is still optimistic about the launch date, saying the production model will be out soon after official confirmation. According to Autocar, the model will debut in 2023. Stellantis road map did not include any BEV and PHEV launches for Abarth until at least the first half of 2023, but the company confirmed it would only electric in 2024.

This means that the current ICE range will be canceled by then and the successor to the EV will already be on sale. Francois said the Abarth lineup will include one to three cars at any given time, which means that in addition to 500 in hatchback and convertible grades, it could include more models taken from Fiat’s EV lineup.

In addition to visual adjustments, including sports body kit and larger diameter wheels, the Abarth version will bring increased power – probably more than the current range with ICE engines – combined with stiffer suspension and larger brakes for better handling. However, performance improvements are likely to come at the expense of range.

The new fiat 500 equipped with one electric motor with a capacity of 116 liters. The city car accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h (0-62 mph) in 9 seconds, top speed is limited to 150 km / h (93 mph) and range is up to 320 km (199 mph) with more than 42 kW. r battery.

Commenting on Abarth EV, Francois said: “It will be fantastic. The sound will be very interesting. There will be a choice to remain silent or not. ” He also added that Abarth fans will play an important role in the development of future models, and the brand will reach out to them through social media.

Abarth is actively working on an option for Hot Hatch electric Fiat 500

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