After A-Day Nick Saban is more optimistic than the fans


Saturday turned out to be a bit unusual Alabama football, the game A-Day. Weather forecasts have reduced the number of crowds. The “view” option was not available to everyone. The game went as fast as possible, including the teams that remained on the field between halves.

As a result, the defense of the first and the offensive of the second team won 25-7. One result – Will Anderson Jr. and his comrades-in-arms will eat steaks. The current owner of the Heisman Trophy will have to dine on beans.

Bryce Young didn’t have a game that suited winner Heysman. One reason for this was too often ineffective defense of his offensive line. An even bigger reason was that the bags were easier to get out to create the bag with just a small touch of QB. The winners of the white team recorded 10 bags. Given the rules of the fight and the quartet with the posts of Will Anderson Jr., Dallas Turner, Chris Breswell and Jamil Burroughs, Young had little chance to shine. The four defenders teamed up in nine of the 10 purple bags.

Many football fans in Alabama don’t seem to care that the bags were inflated by A-Day rules. Instead, they are very concerned about the Tide offensive line. Kendall Randolph and Damion George Jr. had tough games. Although it worked adequately, it was clear that JC Latham needed further improvement.

When asked about Letham, Nick Saban said: Latham has made great progress,

We are not happy with where he is, but we are happy with the progress he is making. ” Saban said Saturday’s goal of the game was to score an attack line, and there was less help with blocking in terms of player blushing

Saban also defended his offensive line, saying it runs without three starting points. One of them, Emile Ekier, will replace George in the fall. The second is the recovering Darian Dalcourt, who, if healthy, may or may not beat Seth McLaughlin at center. The third “starter” should be the transfer of Vanderbilt, offensive selection, Tyler Steen.

Alabama Football and Alloy Transfers

Another issue of Day A that worries Alabama fans is the number of passes passed. The joint production of a wide receiver from both detachments amounted to 22 catches from 42 targets. Christian Leary distinguished himself in the Crimson team with five catches for 106 yards. Joe Joe Earl and Kendrick Lowe caught four passes each. Jermaine Burton, Taiwan Jones-Bell and Thracian Holden had three receptions each.

Speaking of drops, Saban said

You never want drops. They also had this problem in a skirmish when the weather conditions were better and players had to catch the ball regardless of the conditions.

Alabama fans have good reason to worry about the offensive line. We must also remember that the spring games are more hints than statements.

After A-Day Nick Saban is more optimistic than the fans

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