Alabama Football will set its team record in one NFL draft


A week before the 2022 NFL Draft, it is proposed to predict the total number of Alabama football players. The largest number of Alabama Crimson Tide players selected in a single NFL draft occurred in 2018, when 12 former Alabama players were selected.

‘Drum Trivia, Please’ – Crimson Tide will have at least 12 players selected next Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and the final number could be 13 players.

How do I know that? Over the past few days, I have read (more precisely, a cursory) dozens of models of 2022. Admittedly, the choice of ridicule was somewhat random, with great dependence on others Fan side Nfl team sites.

Some of Fan side sites considered: (Baltimore Crows); (Green Bay Packers) and (New York Giants).

In this bullying, all possible The Crimson Tide player has been designed at least once. “Everyone” means, in this case, 13 former Alabama players.

The question immediately arises, how accurate is this bullying? The accuracy of NFL checkers prediction is a relative concept. Most bogus gurus have a good idea of ​​the 25 or so players to be selected in the first round of the draft. In this group, the choice of the actual Draft slot for individual players has, at best, modest accuracy.

What about the other six rounds of the draft? Accuracy is greatly reduced in the election in the second round. An understandable but almost never recognized secret is on the third day of each draft, most taunts turn out to be inaccurate in terms of which player will be taken, when and by which team.

Knowing this, over the last few years my level of confidence in draft layouts has not gone beyond the two draft experts and their choices for the first two rounds. I’m not saying all the other project experts are just guessing. I will say that in terms of fictitious drafts guessing is much more than knowing.

Predictions for the Alabama 2022 NFL Draft (guess)

  1. Evan Neal – Blocking the first round is probably for the Giants and any NFL grandmaster who chooses another offensive lineman before Neil has to find another profession.
  2. Jameson Williams – Midway through the first round to the Jets, Packers or Patriots
  3. Christian Harris – Selection in the second round
  4. John Swords – Selection at the end of the second or beginning of the third round. If he gets to the third, the Falcons and the Giants are good opportunities
  5. Fidarian Matisse – Selection at the end of the second or beginning of the third round.
  6. Jayline Armor-Davis – Theft in the third round, which will begin as a NFL rookie.
  7. Brian Robinson Jr. – Selection at the end of the third or fourth round, which will play in the NFL for a long time.
  8. Josh Job – The fourth round
  9. Labrayan Ray – Deal in the fourth round if he can stay healthy.
  10. Chris Allen – The best offer in the draft with the selection in the sixth round.

The last two or three Crimson Tide players to be selected in the seventh round Daniel Wright, Slade Bolden and / or Chris Owens. This prediction, at least two of them will be compiled, corresponding to the largest turn of the Crimson Tide.

How accurate are the NFL simulation components? By comparison, the NCAA Tournament Bracketology is a science.

Alabama Football will set its team record in one NFL draft

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