All videos about the products that Apple shared today


Apple has made many product announcements at his Peek Performance event on Tuesday, March 8th.

Below we have collected all the videos of Apple advertising its new releases, as well as a video of the event itself, which lasted almost an hour.

First of all new iPhone SEis the third iteration of Apple ‘s budget phone, albeit a new model comes with rising prices over the latter. While the physical design has remained the same, the technology that provides the device has been upgraded, which Apple’s 38-second ad emphasizes in its creative way.

Those hoping for an iMac Pro all-in-one will be disappointed today. Instead, Apple introduced Mac Studio desktop and separate 27-inch 5K studio display. Designed for professionals who want something much more powerful than the 24-inch iMac that launched in 2021, the combination is an impressive proposition some display elements may be disappointing.

Apple has also introduced the M1 Ultra, its most energy efficient chip. M1 Ultra can be used to power Mac Studio for fast graphics processing and performance. In the ad below, Apple shows a variety of creatives that lyrically talk about new technology after a test drive. “Everything just flows,” says one. “A 20-core CPU, a 64-core GPU, 128 GB of unified memory and 114 billion transistors are just some of the reasons why this chip will allow both developers and other professional users to create incredible things,” Apple said.

According to an announcement, Apple has upgraded 10.9-inch iPad Air is the first in the lineup to include the company’s powerful M1 chip – the same chip that the iPad Pro has. Apple’s fifth-generation mid-range tablet has also greatly improved the front-facing camera, paving the way for more beautiful FaceTime calls (for the person on the other end) and selfies. Apple’s live 95-second ad touches on all of these features, as well as several others.

Now comes the iPhone 13 Pro new alpine green, while the iPhone 13 also adds a green version to the current color gamut. Apple’s ad, which emphasizes the new look, somehow stretches for as much as 38 seconds. It’s artistically made and very, very green. It also has the message “Now in the Green” because that’s all.

As promised, here’s the Apple Peek Performance event entirely.

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All videos about the products that Apple shared today

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