Amazing updates of the race finals: holding results, summing up


After a trip to seven countries and 17 cities and a 19-month break in filming due to the COVID-19 pandemic, internet personalities Raleigh Kim and Penn Holderness complete their journey in season 33 of The Amazing Race.

In a season unlike any other in the history of the long-running show, Holdernesses and 10 other two-man teams began vying for the grand prize of $ 1 million back in February 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, more than two years later, we have only four teams left.

Last week’s episode saw the same four teams race through an unbeaten stage in Thessaloniki, Greece, where they completed a particularly grueling challenge that involved turning over large numbers of stones in a matter of hours.

Fresh from that leg, y Today’s two-hour finale of the seasonthe teams are going to travel to Portugal and Los Angeles in the final stages of the race – and eventually, one of the teams will be the winner this season, receiving $ 1 million.

Kim and Peng were the most consistent team throughout the race, winning more matches than any other team. Given these impressive performances, will they come out on top in the final?

If the holders win, they will not be the first winners of the Raleigh race as they join other 22nd season winners, brothers and professional hockey players, Bates and Anthony Battalion, among the race winners.

Let’s find out how things turned out for the duo in this summary of the finale of the 33rd season of “The Amazing Race”.

note: We will update this story tonight, which consists of two parts. The information below is relevant until the end of the first match in Portugal. Check back after the finale to see how the season ends.

In Portugal

The last four teams played the penultimate stage of the race, which traveled by plane from Greece to Lisbon, Portugal.

As winners of the selection last week, Raquel and Kyle were given the right to step ahead of all other groups. They were followed by a second group consisting of Kim and Pen, Aruna and Natalia. Ryan and Dusty left last.

The first clue of the teams prompted them to go to Forte de San Philippe in Setubal, where they will find the next clue – for one of the two obstacles at the checkpoint – in the port city below.

Since only one team member can perform tasks at checkpoints, the key prompted riders to “choose wisely” which team member they chose first.

Kim and Peng arrived at the fort first, easily finding the next clue located near the flag at the port, and making a plan on how to get there.

They were followed by Raquel and Kayla, then Ryan and Dusty, Arun and Natalia.

Kim and Peng maintained their advantage by finding the flag and the first challenge at the roadblock is still in 1st place. They were followed by Raquel and Kyle, then Arun and Natalia. Ryan and Dusty arrived last.

Task 1: Blockpost № 1, exploration on a rowing boat

Kim and Peng chose Kim as the first checkpoint where riders had to choose correctly from different rowing boats, one named after a famous Portuguese explorer.

Kim said she didn’t know the names, but she guessed, and at first she also had a hard time warming the boat. But her assumption ended up being correct, and her rowing skills didn’t hold her back, allowing the duo to leave the checkpoint still in the lead.

Raquel and Kyle left the challenge on the 2nd, followed by Ryan and Dusty. Arun and Natalia left last after they had difficulty sailing on the boat and from the first attempt chose the wrong researcher.

After the rowing competition, the team discovered a new hint that ordered them to go to the Mercearia Confiança de Troino.

Amazing race-final-2
Kim Holderness Holderness in the finale of “The Amazing Race” on March 2, 2022. Provided by CBS Entertainment CBS

Task 2: coloring jars with sardines

Once the teams arrived at the Mercearia Confiança de Troino, each chose a jar of sardines with a label on the front. Then the riders had to repeat the design in the picture on the door.

Kim and Peng said they thought they chose “heavy”, while Raquel and Kyle, who took 2nd place, and Ryan and Dusty, who came in 3rd, from the beginning tried to choose a lightweight design.

Kim and Peng were the first to complete the door, but had to go back and correct some mistakes before they were signed by the judge. After three checks by the judges, they left in 2nd place, after Raquel and Kyle, who only needed to redo their design once, but who eventually left their card on call and had to stop on the way to the next tip to buy another.

Ryan and Dusty finished their doors in 3rd place, followed by Arun and Natalia.

Finishing their doors, the riders opened clues telling them to go to Santuario do Cabo Espichel to find the next clue.

Kim and Peng, who did not face problems with the map, found the following clue, which held in second place the second task at the roadblock.

Task 3: road block № 2, counting columns

The second obstacle on this leg required the riders to stand in the allotted space and count 106 columns around the historic church, and then ran, as Peng said, “about a quarter mile” to the monk and report their final count.

Kim and Peng arrived at the church first, followed by Raquel and Kyle, who made only one counting attempt and left in 1st place. Peng made several attempts, and the holders eventually remained in 2nd place.

After completing the counting task, the teams went to the pit stop of Portugal at the lighthouse at the cape.

Kim and Peng, Raquel and Kayla were friendly on the way to the lighthouse, but Raquel and Kayla ended up in 1st place at this pit stop. Kim and Peng took 2nd place, which allowed them to reach the final stage.

Ryan and Dusty took third place, and Arun and Natalia finished last and dropped out of the race.

Remember that another stage of the race is ahead. Come back here at 10pm to see who wins.

Amazing race-final-1
Penn Holderness in the finale of “The Amazing Race” on March 2, 2022. Provided by CBS Entertainment CBS

Read more about Kim & Penn Holderness

Most people recognize Kim and Penn through their online videos posted on The Holderness Family’s accounts, particularly “Christmas Jammies,” which went viral in 2013 and currently has more than 18 million views.

Before moving on to full-time content creation, Kim and Peng worked in TV news. They have a combined 25 years of experience in the industry, including six years of Penn as an evening presenter at WNCN / CBS 17 in Role.

After the success of “Jamie”, the couple Raleigh with two children now “chronicle of their marriage and their family with hilarious music videos, vlogs, scenes and podcasts. ” The couple also released the book in March 2021.

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Amazing updates of the race finals: holding results, summing up

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