An interesting case of throwing sunglasses by Julia Chicone


The victory of Giulio Chicone in the 15th stage of the Giro d’Italia was, in clear words his team’s blog“Beautiful ransom.”

The 27-year-old Abruzzo resident escaped on the first of three big climbs. The group was slowly weeded out, sand through a sieve – until the remaining 18 kilometers, on the last ascent aggressive Tsikone was not the last. Crossing the line, he reached for his helmet, found his neon yellow sunglasses and tossed them into the rapturous crowd.

As cycling fans around the world quickly learned, it was a “branded salute of victory” for Ciccone. For Ciccone, this was obviously an emotional victory – and usually a little eccentric flair is always better than nothing at all.

But it also left me with questions – questions like, how many sunglasses my joyful Giulio thrown to tifosi? What economic blow are his sunglasses sponsors taking? Where did this salute come from? Has it always been so? Why?

It’s time to dig deep, dark in some photo archives.

Case against Chiccone

Giulia Chicone is a professional cyclist since 2016, starting with three years at Bardiani-CSF – one of the colorful, multi-sponsored Italian teams Pro Continental (also in the overall set, but not as multi-sponsored as some). Chicone soon found success – his first victory at the Giro d’Italia was in the 10th stage of the race that year. Victory in his first Grand Tour, in his first professional season.

Zero patient for throwing sunglasses? Not so:

Julia Chicone has won her debut stage of the Grand Tour. Photo: LUK BENIES / AFP via Getty Images

Emotional? Yes. Green? Violently so. But when Chiccone rolled across the line, stretching his arms like wings, there’s another fact that’s very obvious: his sunglasses are firmly on his face.

Sikon’s next success awaits success in 2017 on Larry H. Miller’s tour of Utah, winning the Queen’s stage at Snowbird Resort. Bardiani added to his kit an orange rain that was still not good. Chiccone was a little older, a little wiser.

And yet, despite the fact that the operator was suspended from the crane to aim, he kept his sunglasses:

Giulio Chicone (foreground); an operator who does not understand how close he was to attaching the lens to his lens (background). Photo: Brian Hodes / Cor Vos

Until 2018. The results sites tell me that Chicone won the Gira del Apennine. None of our photographers considered this race worth their time, so you have to take my word for it: according to Google’s image search results, which I can’t legally reproduce, Chicone again refrained from the temptation to send his sunglasses into a career. violence on the sidelines.

But 2019 – 2019, when everything changes.

History of violence (against glasses that are suitable for sponsors)

In that foggy, insane age before COVID-19 Giulia Chicone refused to sign under the contract of Trek-Segafredo and won a stage victory without sunglasses on the Tour de Haut Var. The Grand Tour season was approaching, and in May our guy was heading to his home race in much prettier shape with about 10% more logos than the last time he raced. He was also hampered by the change of sunglasses sponsors – from the rough look of Briko to Ku.

Chiccone waited a while, holding his head for the first few weeks. And then, thenstage 16.

“I remember that several times during the year, talking to friends and people on Jira, many of them said, ‘This is the right stage for you,'” Chicone said. later reminiscences. “I studied it, prepared, but that May 28 morning I was still nervous. My teammates also noticed, because up to this point I always laughed and joked at the entrance, but not that day. “

Chackles Chicone was the man with the plan, and he executed it by jumping on wet, cold day and restraining a group of GC riders. Ian Girt (Astana) joined his circle. Hirt did not cooperate, and Chicone felt offended. “I mean, put yourself in my shoes … getting angry was the least I could do! I was angry, ”Chicone said later. But when the duo approached the finish line, Hirt had no answer, and an enraged Chicone won the stage.

While he did, his sunglasses bore the brunt of the rage.

Now you see them, not now. Photo: Cor Vos.

“When I saw the finish line, I let go of all my anger. Throwing Ku’s glasses was born of such an instinctive gesture, a release, ”Sikone later said (probably with a little help from messages from a marketing team trying to rectify the situation with the offended sponsor).

A couple of months later, Chicone was close to winning the 2019 Tour de France, and his sunglasses remained finely balanced in his helmet without dropping it until 2020. But Chicone apparently liked his new heyday so much that when he won the Trofeo Laigueglia in February 2020, the neon-yellow pair of Koos flew into the Ligurian air. The crowd lost their damn mind. Obviously.

Which brings us to last Sunday, the 15th stage of the Giro d’Italia 2022 – Chiccone again leaves the front, for 90 seconds, riding not with rage and not with joy at the beginning of the season, but with the celebration of victory up his sleeve. He went over the line. They rose into the air. The triptych is completed: three pairs of Koos – The Glasses So Nice, He Threw Them Thrice ™. $ 800 or so – Italian premium glasses donated to the glory of sports, Italy, Julia Chicone.

But wait.

On the road in Kone, over Chicone’s left shoulder, lay on the pavement, there was a mystery – a second pair of sunglasses, black, not yellow. Was Chiccone, like a great diva, thrown not bouquets but sports glasses? Was there a second sunglasses?

Does everyone do that in Italy? Has Chicone’s salute turned into a second pair, tactically deployed from the jersey’s pocket, while all eyes are on the rider’s arms and head? Can Julia Chicone really hate Koo sunglasses?

Who dumped the second pair? Photo: LUCA BETTINI / AFP via Getty Images

We may never know. After all, a great magician never reveals his secrets. But if the magic trick is to redistribute cycling sunglasses among roadside fans of Italy, one victory at a time, then the city has only one magician: Gorgeous, Incomparable Giulio Chicone.

An interesting case of throwing sunglasses by Julia Chicone

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