An NC police officer ponders 1 year after the shot in the face


KERNERSVILLE, NC (WGHP) – A year after a suspect shot him in the face, retired Kernersville Police Officer Sean Hole is trying to change other people’s lives.

His story now inspires others across the country. He spent more time with his family and his K-9 Jax, who also retired with him.

“It was like a bowel check … first, you’re still here and you don’t have to be medically,” Hole said.

This is how the anniversary of the shooting, as a result of which Howley retired, feels for him.

On February 21, 2021, Hall tried to arrest him when a suspect took his gun and shot him in the face and arm.

“If it’s ever quiet, it’s bad at night, especially when I go to bed. It’s kind of just appearing and kind of just playing around, ”Hall explained.

The only constant reminder of his accident was removed a couple of weeks ago in surgery.

“She was in my neck two and a half weeks ago … a big .45-caliber bullet that was still almost completely,” Hall said.

But the pain of many surgeries and memories of the nightly event led him to what he calls “God’s plan”.

Now he has a new goal: to tell his story of his death to other officers of various police departments across the country. In fact, he had just returned from a conversation in South Carolina.

The class is called “Leader in the Trenches” where he goes to various police departments to tell his story.

“History is a big part of that because we’re also trying to instill that life is short, and we need to really be intentional about where we put things in order in our lives,” he said.

To celebrate his one year of new life, on March 3 he holds a blood event where you can donate blood, enjoy live music and eat well.

It will be at the First Christian Church in Kernersville, located at 1130 N. Main Street.

“You can look at this bag knowing that this bag will one day save someone’s life. It saved mine, and I needed it, ”Hall said.

You must register at and use the sponsor code: Sean Houle.

You can read the full coverage of Sean’s inspiring healing here.

An NC police officer ponders 1 year after the shot in the face

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