Apple TV Plus ’next big sweep makes it a competitor to Sky Sports and BT Sport


Apple enters the arena of live sports broadcasts. During the Peek Performance event, the company announced that next season will feature Premier League baseball matches.

The new Friday Night Baseball show will offer two live and exclusive games every Friday night Apple TV Plus during the regular MLB season. For a limited time, Apple does not require a subscription to view.

On Friday night, baseball will be available to spectators in the United Kingdom, as well as in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Perth Rick and South Korea.

In the UK, this actually makes Apple the latest streaming competitor for sports broadcasters such as Sky Sports and BT Sport, as well as for other latecomers such as Amazon Prime Video, which has limited access to Premier League football, among other events. .

While baseball may not be for every Briton, entering the sports market could be very significant in the long run if the company decides to broaden its horizons beyond America’s pastime.

In the past, it is rumored that Apple has been interested in acquiring football rights in the Premier League, while in recent reports the company in talks with the NFL to purchase a lucrative package of Sunday tickets.

As part of today’s ad, fans in the US and Canada are actually getting a new baseball channel. The 24/7 live broadcast will feature “MLB replays, news and analysis, highlights, classic games and more, as well as a full set of on-demand programs, including highlights and original MLB-themed content.”

The US will also host a live MLB Big Inning show on weekdays during the usual occasion. At the moment, you can report any action, as there is a stalemate between the league and its players.

“Like all baseball fans, we can’t wait for the season to open,” said Peter Stern, Apple’s vice president of service. “Baseball has a special place in the hearts of many Apple customers – not only in the United States, but in many countries around the world. We are proud to make Apple TV + home for great baseball moments throughout the season. ”

Apple TV Plus ’next big sweep makes it a competitor to Sky Sports and BT Sport

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