Are you traveling this summer? 5 steps to protect your home from burglars


If you’re going on a trip with your family this summer, you don’t want to forget anything. Pack swimsuits and toothbrushes and don’t miss a booking for your backyard at the dog hotel. But it’s also important that you have another checklist to protect your home while you’re gone.

Did you know that more hacking happens in the summer months? This is because robbers know that millions of people take vacations and leave their homes empty. Don’t let them break in easily.

Use these five safety tips from our sponsor, SimpliSafebefore going on vacation this summer.

1. Think like a robber

You want to think like a hacker when protecting your computer. Defending your car, you want to think like a car wagon. So it makes sense that when it comes to protecting your home, you want to think like a burglar.

Now we don’t mean that you need to make a list of friends to help you form a team in the style of “Eleven Ocean” or start looking online for someone to fence off hot items. Instead, take a close look at your home and how you would end up in it if you wanted to rob it. These are the places that deserve reinforcement.

2. Conduct an inventory

Before leaving, go around the house, taking pictures. If the robber gets caught, you will have documents indicating the damage they caused. Take pictures of everything, no matter how valuable you think it may be. If anything happens, you will need this documentation for the insurance company.

Once you have taken the photos, you can also create an inventory log that includes the estimated cost of the items.

3. Protect the inside of your home

Here’s how home security experts at SimpliSafe suggest you protect your home from the inside. Some of them may need to be changed if you have babysitters or housekeepers coming in from time to time.

  1. Update your home security monitoring service to include your updated contact information.
  2. Put your valuables in the safe.
  3. Close all windows and close most curtains.
  4. Put a timer on some of your lights.
  5. When you leave, set up a security system.

You will also want to make sure that you do not return to the damaged property. Therefore, turn off and off electronics, especially TVs, computers and other devices that may be damaged during power surges. Turn off gas and water.

Note: Think about strengthening the protection of your home with the help of a security system from our sponsor, SimpliSafe. It does not require drilling to install, so you can install it in 15 minutes in any home, apartment or garage. Better yet, it doesn’t link you to an expensive monitoring contract, so you’ll save big money.

4. Protect the house from the outside

Do not allow robbers to enter your home. Here’s how home security experts at SimpliSafe suggest you protect your home from the outside:

  1. Move the hidden spare keys in your house while you are away.
  2. Put your car in the garage.
  3. Mow the lawn and trim hedges.
  4. Move stairs and other accessories that the burglar could use to get to the second floor.

5. Attract neighbors

To keep your home safe, there can be nothing better than looking after your neighbors. Offer to do the same if they are not. This will benefit the whole neighborhood. For example, if your area is safe, insurance rates will remain low, and crime statistics will not appear on real estate sites.

Here’s how your neighbors can help keep your home safe, according to home security experts:

  1. Ask them to pick up advertisements and flyers that people stick to your door. Note: Click or click here to have the U.S. Post Office detain your mail. Also, stop your vacation to deliver newspapers.
  2. Give your most trusted neighbor an extra key in case they need to log in; give this neighbor your safe word SimpliSafe (change it when you get home). Note: With SimpliSafe you can remotely disable your home security system.
  3. Ask a neighbor to mow your lawn and mow the plants.
  4. Ask them to expose your trash cans, even if they are empty.

Remember that you worked hard to take your family on vacation. Don’t spend your free time worrying about what’s going on at home.

With SimpliSafe you don’t need to. It is easy to install with wireless sensors without drilling. You are not bound by an expensive multi-year monitoring contract. Also, it is easy to upgrade. You can buy a basic hardware package today and add more sensors if you need them. It includes hazardous sensors such as fire, freezing and carbon monoxide to keep you safe.

Click here to keep your home, family and valuables safe. In addition, SimpliSafe offers free shipping and a 60-day money back guarantee.

Are you traveling this summer? 5 steps to protect your home from burglars

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