Arsenal hero Paul Merson has said to change Ralph Rangnik’s plan

Paul Merson says Manchester United have not improved under Ralph Rangnik (Photo: Getty / Sky Sports)

Paul Merson fired Ralph RanknikChances of becoming a full-time employee Manchester United manager and says he would have been “shocked” if the German boss had been allowed to move to a consultant position at Old Trafford.

Ranknik was appointed interim manager of the club Ule Gunnar Sulsher“C resigned in November, and United at the time said they would take a role at Old Trafford at the end of the season.

Manchester United were seventh when there was Sulsher relieved of his duties and while the team is now fifth, they continue a huge battle for the finish line in the top four, while in the last three games they have drawn 1-1 and have been knocked out of the FA Cup champion side Middlesbrough.

Merson does not believe that the Red Devils have improved under Ranknik, and says that United “one hundred percent” will not give him a job on a permanent basis, while they may even think of completely severing ties with 63- summer guys this summer.

This was stated by the former winger of Arsenal and England Sky Sports: “One hundred percent [Rangnick won’t be in charge of Man Utd next season]. I have as many chances to be the main one. I just don’t see it.

“I read something that said they had improved. I don’t see it. I do not see happiness there.

“I hear so much information about Manchester United now that it’s just unusual. This has never happened before, and that worries me.

United continues to weaken after the dismissal of Ole Gunnar Sulsher (Photo: Getty)

“I don’t see him being there and how things are going at the moment if they don’t get into the top four, I would be shocked if he went upstairs.

“I know it was part of the deal, but I don’t think it’s good. I think it needs to stop in its infancy sooner rather than later, at Manchester United.

“I just can’t believe what they’re doing. You just have to wait until next season to hire a new manager, but you still have a lot of work to do.

“It’s not just hiring a new manager, and let’s go again next season. They are a million miles away and things need to change very quickly.

“I would like to pick someone up as soon as possible. You pay between £ 70 million and £ 80 million for footballers, and some of them don’t even play.

Manchester United lost more points at home against Southampton (Photo: Getty)

“Why don’t you break the bank for managers if you need to get a manager out of the club. In my opinion, they are very important.

“Some people may say they are not important, but for me they are mandatory. A great manager makes a great team. ”

Merson spoke after Manchester United disappointing 1-1 draw with Southampton at Old Trafford on Saturday.

The Red Devils were on their way back to the top four when England striker Jaden Sancho led them ahead in the first half, but Che Adams’ goal shortly after the break brought the Saints a point.

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Arsenal hero Paul Merson has said to change Ralph Rangnik's plan

Source link Arsenal hero Paul Merson has said to change Ralph Rangnik's plan