Awake rises above the water with the first eFoil board


Less than a month after Rävik’s extreme electric surfboard became even more extreme with the launch Ravik S 22Sweden’s Awake Boards invites adventure seekers to fly over the waves on Vinga’s first eFoil.

The market for electric hydrofoils – or eFoil – may seem quite crowded, judging by the number of models we’ve seen on our pages over the years from firms like Flyboard, Rise and Level tablebut the high price still makes this club quite exclusive. Thanks to Vinga, Awake is committed to raising eFoil to new heights.

The electric flyer consists of a short carbon fiber board and an eFoil linear jet system with three power modes available via a portable remote control. Two wing designs are available, both designed for dynamic cruising motion. The Powder 1350 is designed for eFoilers weighing up to 80 kg (176 lbs), while the Powder 1800 is designed for heavy racers and is also more comfortable for beginners for all users.

Beginners are promised that the Vinga is easy to ride, but powerful enough for experienced users to “test their limits by performing the boldest maneuvers.” However, performance characteristics such as overclocking time and top speed have not been revealed, but the promotional video below shows a lot of carving and jumping action.


Awake believes that wipes should be sparse and fairly gentle when they happen, thanks to the continuous flow of water through a completely closed impeller – if riders don’t get some air during the jump. And because this engine is fully shielded, users should never come into contact with it.

Like the company’s electric surfboards, Vinga benefits from compatibility with Flex’s modular lithium-ion battery system, which means people who already have an Awake board can use its battery module to power the new eFoil.

“When we started developing Vinga, we were thinking about how to reward everyone who already has an Awake Rävik electric surfboard, or anyone who might think of getting both,” said CEO Adam Treshov. “We were thinking how to make it easier and more enjoyable. Then it occurred to us that if you could take the battery to Rävik and just put it in Vinga ”.

The standard Flex battery module is considered good for up to an hour and 20 minutes on a charge, but the XR fragrance can be used for up to two hours on water. Either way, the user can test the remaining charge with the built-in intelligent LED system, and Awake has prepared continuous monitoring of electronics as well as a number of layers of mechanical safety for durability and reliability.

Vinga has Awake’s patented Click-to-Ride build system with modular components that connect in seconds

Awake Boards

Setup is also done quickly and easily. Thanks to the cordless mounting mechanism, the user places a short board on the eFoil mast and presses on the handle to lock them together, then sets the Flex battery and locks it in place. After that, it’s time to climb into the water and rise above the waves.

Awake Vinga is now available for pre-order, starting at 12,900 euros (that’s about $ 14,300, although the company currently only supplies to Europe). The first eFoil should arrive to buyers from June.

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Awake rises above the water with the first eFoil board

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