Bahadir Jalal joins Probellum aiming for world heavyweight title


Bahadir Jalal joins Probellum aiming for world heavyweight title | (Christian von Sponek) YouTube channel

Olympic gold medalist and invincible professional heavyweight Bahadir Jalalov signed a joint promotion agreement with The problem and DiBella Entertainment.

The 27-year-old took gold at Tokyo 2020, but the giant from Uzbekistan is now focused on winning the world title in the professional ranks.

Jalalov has a perfect 9-0 record and has stopped each of his opponents from inflicting a vicious warning blow on the rest of the heavyweights.

With a huge height of 6 feet 7 “, Jalalov, who punches – known as the” Great Uzbek “- fights with Kamil Sokolovsky for eight rounds on March 18 in Dubai as part of Probellum Evolution, the two-way World Boxing Championship.

But given Jalalov’s terrible 100 percent odds, it is expected that his next contest will not go far.

“Everyone in the heavyweight division knows everything about me, and deep down they know it’s only a matter of time before I come to office,” said Bahadir Jalolov.

“With Probellum and DiBella Entertainment promoting me, I will become a world heavyweight champion as soon as possible, but first, I have to take care of the cases against Sokolowski on March 18 in Dubai.

“After that, news of Bahadir Jalal will begin to spread, and the world will soon realize that I am a heavyweight world champion in anticipation.”

“Bahadir Jalal is a giant of man, and this is a giant signing for Probellum,” said Richard Schaefer, president of Probellum.

“Jalov combines an amateur pedigree of the highest level, a phenomenal movement for a man of his size and a knockout power. He is destined to become a world heavyweight champion, and working with DiBella Entertainment, Probellum will give him these opportunities.

“There is no young heavyweight in the world who has the physical strengths and skills of the Great Uzbek. Power, speed and amazing agility for the giant – these are the attributes that will allow Bahodir to rise quickly, “- said Lou DiBella, President of DiBella Entertainment.

“He will fight for the second time in Dubai on March 18 before a big TV show in the US in June. The sky is the limit for the Great Uzbek. “

“We look forward to a fruitful partnership with Probellum in Bahodir’s career,” said Vadim Kornilov, Jalolov’s manager.

“We believe he is currently the biggest young prospect in the heavyweight division and our team will work hard to bring him to the championship level.”

Jalalov shuddered at the 46-second knockout of Julio Cesar Caliman in December as he competed on his debut show Probellum in Dubai, and the Uzbek puncher returned to the UAE on March 18 as part of Probellum Evolution, which will be broadcast live on Eurosport. , discovery + and Eurosport App for millions of homes in 62 markets and territories of Europe and the Indian subcontinent.

Probellum has signed a landmark deal for several fights with Discovery Sports, starting with a show in Dubai where Jalalov performs.

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Bahadir Jalal joins Probellum aiming for world heavyweight title

Source link Bahadir Jalal joins Probellum aiming for world heavyweight title