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Bargain Finds: Top Value Stocks to Consider in June 2024


Navigating through global market uncertainties and economic fluctuations, investors are closely monitoring shifts across indices like the S&P 500 and Nasdaq, which have recently set new highs amidst a selective market uptrend. Discerning investors may identify potential opportunities in undervalued stocks that could present as attractive bargains.

Top 10 Undervalued Stocks Based On Cash Flows

Name Current Price Fair Value (Est) Discount (Est)
Plus Alpha ConsultingLtd (TSE:4071) ¥1885.00 ¥3564.60 47.10%
Selective Insurance Group (NasdaqGS:SIGI) US$91.87 US$183.64 50%
DO & CO (WBAG:DOC) € 156.80 € 313.00 49.90%
Boule Diagnostics (OM:BOUL) SEK10.50 SEK20.93 49.80%
Shanghai Milkground Food Tech (SHSE:600882) CN¥13.54 CN¥26.97 49.80%
Interojo (KOSDAQ:A119610) ₩24900.00 ₩49562.21 49.80%
17LIVE Group (SGX:LVR) SGD0.765 SGD1.52 49.80%
Hollysys Automation Technologies (NasdaqGS:HOLI) US$21.21 US$42.18 49.70%
Humble Group (OM:HUMBLE) SEK9.775 SEK19.45 49.80%
Napatech (OB:NAPA) NOK37.30 NOK74.12 49.70%

Highlighted Picks from Our Exclusive Screener


Overview: UCB SA is a global biopharmaceutical firm specializing in neurology and immunology, boasting a market cap of approximately €26.03 billion.

Operations: The company generates €5.18 billion in revenue from its biopharmaceuticals segment.

Estimated Discount To Fair Value: 47.4%

UCB trades at €137.85, significantly below the estimated fair value of €260.79, representing a potential undervaluation of 47.1%. Despite its forecasted annual revenue growth rate of 9.2%, slightly below market expectations, its projected earnings growth of 27.7% annually outpaces market projections. However, concerns linger over its anticipated Return on Equity (ROE) in three years at 13.8%, reflecting potential efficiency challenges relative to equity levels.

Equifax (NYSE)

Overview: Equifax Inc., a data, analytics, and technology company, carries a market cap of approximately $29.87 billion.

Operations: Revenue is derived from three primary segments: International ($1.27 billion), Workforce Solutions ($2.32 billion), and U.S. Information Solutions ($1.76 billion).

Estimated Discount To Fair Value: 40.6%

Equifax trades at US$239.05, considerably undervalued by 40.6% from the fair value estimate of US$402.2. Despite robust forecasts for revenue and earnings growth at 9.6% and 22.2% annually respectively, its high debt levels warrant cautious consideration amidst strategic changes and executive transitions aimed at enhancing data-driven services.

Zhongji Innolight (SZSE:300308)

Overview: Zhongji Innolight Co., Ltd. focuses on optical communication transceiver modules and devices within China, boasting a market cap of approximately CN¥156.49 billion.

Operations: Revenue primarily stems from sales of optical communication products.

Estimated Discount To Fair Value: 48.5%

Zhongji Innolight trades at CN¥146.91, significantly undervalued against a fair value estimate of CN¥285.38. Supported by robust fundamentals including forecasted annual earnings and revenue growth rates of 30.3% and 30.7% respectively, the company presents a compelling opportunity despite recent share price volatility, underscored by strong non-cash earnings and dividend increases.

In a market climate characterized by volatility and evolving dynamics, these undervalued stocks offer potential opportunities for investors seeking value amidst fluctuating market conditions.