Baytown, Texas Dog Found: German Shepherd Lost Almost 5 Years and 600 Miles Away


BORGER, Texas – A long-lost four-legged family member who was taken from his home nearly five years ago is about to be reunited with his Texas family.

Animal control officials in Borger, Texas, which is more than 600 miles from Baytown, Texas, where the dog went missing, said the German shepherd named Shiba was located Monday in the town of just over 12,500. a person

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So how did animal control officers connect the lost dog to the one that went missing so long ago? They have recognized a key tool that all pet owners are encouraged to give their canines.

“(The animal control officer) scanned the animal and determined that it did indeed have a chip,” Borger said in a news release. “He looked up the owner’s information in the microchip database and contacted the owner. Much to his surprise, the owner stated that the animal had been stolen from Baytown, Texas (over 4 years) ago!”

The release went on to say that the owner was excited and emotional after hearing the news that their missing pet had been found after so long.

ABC Houston affiliate KTRK met Sheba’s family in January 2018, when the wound of losing a beloved family member was still fresh.

At the time, Baytown authorities were dealing with at least five dog thefts in two months, three of which occurred in dog yards.

The Malstrom family lost Sheeba, then a 2-year-old puppy, when she appeared to approach a stranger in a pickup truck.

“You see a truck slowly crawling by and you stop,” said Sheeba’s owner Stephanie Malstrom, pointing to surveillance video of the dog’s seizure. “She is such a loving animal. She approached him thinking she was going for a ride. And she didn’t come back.”

Malstrom also pointed to Sheeba’s microchip, begging her to come back.

“We will not ask any questions and will not demand anything. Just take her to a humane shelter where she can be scanned for a microchip, or drop her off next door and she’ll find her own way home,” Malstrom said.

Borger Animal Control is working to rehome the animal to its rightful owner, according to the release.

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Baytown, Texas Dog Found: German Shepherd Lost Almost 5 Years and 600 Miles Away

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