Before watching the movie Batman: A Re-Introduction to the Penguin


Whether it’s the tragic origins of Bruce Wayne, his first year as a rookie crime fighter, or even his second year wearing a cape and hood, organized crime almost always dominated Gotham City in the early days of Batman. Matt Reeves Batman the cast is impressive – and Colin Farrell’s unrecognizable transformation into Oswald Cobblepot / Penguin is an important reflection of this Earth-2 story. There seems to be at least one other important screw in this embodiment of Gotham’s corrupt machine, but there are many things that future fans need to know about the Penguin – from comic book pages to screens – to understand a piece of this oppressive system.

Even with his cartoonish evil appearance (filled with monocles, top hats and cigarettes), the thug with a cockney accent managed to become one of the Dark Knight’s most iconic and famous supervillains. Given his gangster nature, the penguin’s images generally have a similar basis, though the way Tim Burton portrayed the character in Batman is back without a doubt, is the most terrifyingly memorable in live action in which only its gothic sensuality could reach.

Living images of the Penguin were quite rare, which may be a hint that writers and directors usually do not see that the ace, almost literal penguin-like mafia boss would turn well into a “modern” setting of live action. Assuming that pure speculation is true, this is not entirely unfounded concern. After all, the 1997 over-the-top camp-fest that was Batman and Robin actually theatrically launched the IP Batman nuclear bomb until Christopher Nolan appeared.

That’s why when it turned out that director and screenwriter Matt Reeves had shot Colin Farrell as Cobblet, many fans expected him to make Penguin work by going in the opposite direction of comics in terms of looks. A beautiful, sleek, but no less thieving sly look at Penguin sounds pretty good on paper. But one day the first teaser for Batman The premiere took place at DC FanDome 2020, many fans didn’t even realize that Farrell was in the trailer opposite An ambitious crusader in the cloak of Robert Pattinson. Reeves and Farrell eventually remained true to the essence of the Penguin: as a gangster whose inner moral depravity would be physically manifested through hair loss and scars on his face.

Meeting with the self-proclaimed “Gentleman of Crime”

The penguin holds a pocket watch as Batman looks at DC Comics.

Oswald Coblepot’s is quite consistent Comics from DC and elsewhere are largely determined by the classic persona of the mafia: an inflated and fragile ego; despair of proving himself as Gotham City’s new “best dog” in the underworld; and violent insecurity is the most noticeable characteristic of a villain.

In comics, the most volatile size of the role of the Penguin in this story. During the original Golden Age noir comics and during the difficult days of the Silver Age, the character appeared fairly regularly, but after a reboot catalyst for the entire publisher who was The crisis in the infinite Earths in 1985, The penguin receded more into the background. After writer Alan Grant and artist Norm Braifogl brought him back to major stories, he was transformed to become more chaotic and threatening.

In a metaphorical sense, this is almost consistent with how he came and went, and returned to the comics of “bigger” and “worse,” as overcompensation is Cobblet’s biggest weakness. His apparent “Napoleon complex” often proves to be his downfall, where he is even mocked by members of Batman’s extended family (and other villains) for pathetically disappearing into obscurity during a recent performance by writer Marico Tamaki and artist Dan More Detective comics. But perhaps his best role was in Jeff Jones and Gary Frank Earth One Vol. 1where is the penguin there is Gotham’s main mafia boss – and the mayor – is doing well as Batman’s main antagonist.

From comics to the big screen

The penguin looks with disbelief at his sewer lair in the movie

On the screen, Like many members of the Gallery of Loaded Rogue in Caped Crusader, Penguin debuted in live action at Camp Adam West Batman Veteran actor Burgess Meredith has been playing the TV series since the 1960s. After Batman’s family comedy days are gone in the mainstream, “Penguin” won’t get another adaptation until Burton is mentioned Batman is back in 1992. Danny DeWitt’s image was a solid image of “Tim Burton” on the character, and one can still nostalgically appreciate it and face the actor more than life. The penguin’s motif was more obvious than ever, down to the grotesque, gothic horror of the cult villain.

The character’s appearance outside of the comics was another big gap, and his next major adaptation won’t happen until the 2014 Fox drama series. Gotham. The role was played by Robin Taylor Lord loud critical praise in the way he portrayed the future criminal lord. Ironically, the Lord’s performance was partly appreciated by his active dynamics of moving back and forth with GothamThe Riddler version played by Corey Michael Smith. The show has become widely known as a showcase for the most colorful and often underrated villains in Batman myths.

A penguin stands in the rain at Batman.

After that the next iteration of Penguin with a high score will be done by Farrell Batman. By the trailers alone, the world lacks praise for the costume and makeup department of the crew. As it turned out, you can collect a theatrical penguin, which is both realistic and clearly conveys the aesthetics of the comic book version.

And Farrell’s choice for the role looks like a clear slam dunk, given the convincing manner of playing the actor’s rude characters, be it a sympathetic and emotionally flawed killer with In Bruges or a selfish writer in Seven psychopaths. Both of these characters from director Martin McDonough are excellent demonstrations of Farrell’s penchant for dark humor, which should fit perfectly into Reeves ’view of the short villain.

A promising foundation for the future

Although the Penguin is one piece of the bigger puzzle, the Penguin presence is in it Batman is indicative of the future. In fact, fans who have yet to watch the film already see that since Matt Reeves confirmed he is producing both a GCPD prequel and Penguin series (signed by Trout) for HBO Max.

But even away from projects on the horizon, Reeves focuses on Batman parsing the anatomy and psychology of systematic corruption as one of its main themes can mean more for both the villain and for the future of this bat poem. Jeff Loeb and Tim Sale Long Halloween – usually considered the greatest comic book about Batman and has a great influence on this film – describes the days of the death of organized crime as the highest predator of Gotham City. The plot arch shows Carmina “Roman” Falcone, who desperately clings to what is left of his power before the inevitable “rise of freaks” captures the city. John Turtur plays the same mafia boss Batmanand the Penguin is his right hand.

So while the mafia bosses can never truly disappear into this world, perhaps the future series of the latter will further shape Gotham’s thieving balance of power. Cobblet may even become the “Emperor Penguin” he so desperately wants to see himself in the process. Under Reeves’ guidance and in the skilful hands of Farrell, the Penguin can gain the attention and respect the character deserves.

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Before watching the movie Batman: A Re-Introduction to the Penguin

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