Best motorcycle helmets of 2022


Looking for the best motorcycle helmets for every type of riding? You’ve come to the right place. 

At RevZilla, we’ve tried almost every helmet out there, and we evaluate them based on build quality, weight, comfort, and safety. Five helmets stood out as the best of the best for those who want state-of-the-art protection and comfort. That level of quality comes at a price, though, so we also chose five budget helmets that punch above their weight.

Top motorcycle helmets of 2022

First time looking for a new helmet? We’re glad you’re here! We highly recommend reading through our guide to sizing and buying a motorcycle helmet before choosing a lid from this article to ensure a perfect fit.

The selection process

Here at RevZilla, we don’t just take helmet manufacturers at their word. Our product testers and experts continually evaluate the latest and greatest to find the best in the industry. We also have countless reviews and customer service interactions to rely on when seeking out the best gear.  After all, there’s no substitute for real-world experience. Let’s meet the best motorcycle helmets of 2021.

The best motorcycle helmets of 2022






Best full-face


  • Light carbon/aramid shell

  • Suitable for sport and touring

Sedici Strada II

Best budget full-face

$250 – $290

  • Premium features, modest price

  • Many graphic options

Bell Moto 10

Best dirt


  • Spherical MIPS protection

  • Exquisite carbon shell

Fox Racing V1

Best budget dirt


  • MIPS protective layer

  • Magnetic peak attachment

Shoei Neotec 2

Best modular


  • Aerodynamically balanced

  • Metal chin bar hinge/lock

HJC i90

Best budget modular


  • Easy to open with gloved hands

  • Integrated sun shield

Arai XD-4

Best ADV


  • Interior adjustable for custom fit

  • Snell M2020 certification

Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS

Best budget ADV


  • MIPS liner

  • Compatible with most dirt goggles


Best race/sport


  • FIM-certified carbon shell

  • Integrated hydration

LS2 Thunder Carbon

Best budget race/sport


  • Kevlar-reinforced carbon shell

  • DOT, ECE and FIM certified

AGV introduced the K6 as their go-to street helmet and our experience with this helmet has been overwhelmingly positive. One of our favorite things about the K6 is its weight: 2.95 pounds in a medium, thanks to AGV’s carbon aramid shell. It’s available in four shell sizes and five EPS liners, so the “bobblehead” look is minimized. The ECE-certified shell itself is sporty and aerodynamic, but not so aggressive that it looks out of place on standard motorcycles. 

AGV K6 helmet. RevZilla photo.

In use, we appreciated the glasses-friendly interior and the included Pinlock lens. There’s a wide field of view and the central shield release button is easy to pop with gloved hands. Our only nitpick for this helmet? It doesn’t flow as much air as some of the competition, like the Shoei RF-1400, but the AGV’s quiet interior and low weight are more than enough to redeem it. Ultimately, the K6 is our top all-around street helmet in 2022.

Ringing in at $230, the Sedici Strada II leads its class in features, protection, and comfort. That’s why we chose it as our best budget full-face helmet this year. The Strada II’s shell is fiberglass and Kevlar shell for light weight and serious strength. It’s available in three different shell sizes with four EPS liners, which improves fit and appearance. And speaking of appearance, we like that the Strada II has clean, versatile styling with a range of graphic options. 

Sedici Strada II helmet
Sedici Strada II helmet. RevZilla photo.

The Strada II carries ECE certification, a drop-down internal sun visor, and a pinlock-ready face shield with great optics. Sedici also offers the Parlare variant, which includes a fully integrated Bluetooth system. The ventilation is effective and easy to adjust, so no complaints there. Overall, the Strada II is our favorite budget pick of 2022 for its well rounded feature set at an affordable price. Beginner lids don’t get much better than this.

This year, top dirt helmet honors go to the Bell Moto 10. This is Bell’s flagship dirt helmet, and it is worn by riders at the highest levels of racing. Cameron Macadoo was wearing a Moto 10 during a particularly violent crash at Atlanta this year, and the helmet took the hit like a champ. As for Macadoo, he was cleared to continue racing and finished third. Color us impressed.

Bell Moto 10 helmet
Bell Moto 10 helmet. RevZilla photo.

The Moto 10 uses state-of-the-art Spherical MIPS technology for increased protection from rotational impacts. It also has a segmented 3K carbon shell for incredible strength, yet minimal weight. The two pieces join with aerospace-style connectors to create a huge ventilation channel through the middle of the helmet. This makes it one of the most comfortable dirt lids we’ve ever tested. The Moto 10 is DOT, ECE, and SNELL certified, and it accepts most goggles. This is the dirt rider’s “holy grail” helmet of the year.

For those brapping on a budget, we recommend the V1 from Fox Racing. These helmets start at $190, yet they offer specs and protection that rival some mid-tier helmets. We love that the V1 offers MIPS for under 200 bucks, for proven protection. Fox uses a sleek polycarb/ABS shell that comes in four sizes, and it doesn’t weigh much, either. 

Fox Racing V1 helmet
Fox Racing V1 helmet. RevZilla photo.

The V1 is DOT/ECE certified, so it’s legal to run on the street for you dual-sporters out there, and the vents are adequate. One especially important feature to consider for dirt riding is washability, and Fox anticipated that with an interior that’s easy to remove and clean. For a final touch of tech, the peak uses a slick magnetic release system, so it’ll just pop off instead of breaking if you take a tumble. The V1 is an impressive package for its price, and our first choice for dirt beginners.

Our favorite modular on the market is the Shoei Neotec 2. While other helmets have come and gone, the Neotec continues to impress with its refinement and attention to detail. Sure, it weighs a bit more than some of the other options in the class, but our testers reach for Shoei’s modular when comfort and convenience are top priority. Of course, the Neotec 2 delivers plenty of protection, too, with its dual-layer EPS liner and stainless steel chinbar lock components. 

Shoei Neotec 2 helmet
Shoei Neotec 2 helmet. RevZilla photo.

On the road, the Neotec 2 is quiet and stable. The shell incorporates a spoiler design and vortex generators to reduce neck fatigue. Other niceties include an internal sun visor, excellent ventilation, a Pinlock-ready face shield, and integrated connections for an SLR Bluetooth Headset from Sena. 

You don’t need to shell out big bucks to get a decent modular. However, due to the complexity of movable chinbars, there are plenty of disappointing modular helmets out there at the affordable end of the market. The HJC i90, on the other hand, is our top choice in its class. This helmet uses a sporty polycarbonate shell with a large eyeport and internal sun visor. We especially liked HJC’s One-Touch shield mechanism that raises and lowers the shield. 

HJC i90 helmet
HJC i90 helmet. RevZilla photo.

To set the i90 apart from the competition, HJC also added an extensive ventilation system, moisture-wicking interior materials, glasses grooves, speaker pockets, and provisions for SMART HJC 10B or 20B Bluetooth communicators. Neither the features nor the materials are exotic with the i90, but HJC’s attention to detail makes this our choice for the essential modular helmet experience. Note: This helmet carries DOT and ECE certifications except for the 3XL through 5XL sizes, which are DOT only.

Do your rides frequently combine dirt and pavement? You’ll want an ADV helmet to tackle any terrain. And the king of ADV helmets for 2022 is the Arai XD-4, based on our expert testing and customer feedback. 

Arai XD-4 helmet
Arai XD-4 helmet. RevZilla photo.

Arai’s XD series is one of the most legendary in the business, and with the XD-4, Arai reaches new heights of protection and performance. The helmet carries SNELL M2020 certification, superior ventilation, and an interior that can be adjusted to the individual rider’s preferences with removable sections of foam. Each XD-4 is handmade, and Arai’s paintwork is rich and precise. Large air scoops on the sides of the helmet keep the air flowing when taking a technical section or battling traffic. Add the aerodynamic peak that avoids buffeting at speed, and we have our winner.

Not everyone needs a handmade, top-shelf ADV helmet. If you’re looking for a sturdy helmet that you can use and abuse, we recommend the Bell MX-9 Adventure for 2022. Its polycarbonate shell keeps it affordable yet fairly lightweight, and it comes in three shell/EPS sizes for a range of fit options. The MX-9 Adventure weighs in at three pounds, six ounces in a size medium, which is appreciated on every kind of adventure.

Bell MX-9 ADV helmet
Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS helmet. RevZilla photo.

Other highlights include a removable peak (improves stability on long highway stretches) and a very wide viewport that accommodates most goggles without any need to remove the face shield. Don’t forget to pick up a pair of goggles if you intend on taking your MX-9 Adventure off-road! Overall, this is a sharp and solid choice that doesn’t break the bank.

For the fastest of the fast, our favorite helmet is the AGV Pista GP RR. It uses a full carbon fiber construction, of course, weighing a scant three pounds, five ounces in a medium-small. That means it is one of the lightest helmets in its class with an FIM certification. Speaking of the FIM, this helmet is meant for racing enthusiasts, but it can certainly be worn on the street. 

AGV Pista GP RR helmet. RevZilla photo.

Visibility is excellent thanks to a 190-degree field of view through an optically correct shield with provisions for Pinlock inserts and tear-offs. There’s also a removable integrated hydration system. If you can’t tell, this helmet is the closest we mortals can get to the equipment worn on the MotoGP grid, and thanks to AGV’s uncompromising design, this helmet has earned its reputation as the best of the best.

Yes, our “budget” choice for best race/sport helmet is $700, but give us a chance to explain. LS2’s Thunder Carbon helmet is a phenomenal value that probably falls under “bang for buck” more than “budget.” (Then again, it’s half the price of the AGV above!) This helmet offers a sprawling set of features and accessories that put it ahead of the competition. First off, it’s three pounds, four ounces in a medium, which is actually lighter than the Pista GP RR. It even has DOT/ECE/FIM certification. An impressive aero design keeps the Thunder Carbon as light and neutral as possible. 

LS2 Thunder Carbon
LS2 Carbon Thunder helmet. RevZilla photo.

The helmet includes a high-quality carry bag, clear and smoke shields, tear-offs, Pinlock inserts, a winter breath guard, a hydration tube, and an inflatable helmet cushion. Basically, LS2 includes all the accessories and performance you need to take a helmet to the track. We wish more manufacturers would take this approach, but for now, LS2 leads the way in this category.

That’s a wrap for our favorite helmets of the year. We’ve scoured the industry for the best lids available, and we’re confident that these choices will not disappoint. And if you have any questions about these helmets, our customer service team can get you pointed in the right direction. Make sure to check out the best motorcycle gear of 2022 with our top-ranked picks for every kind of ride.

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