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Worcestershire technology accelerator BetaDen has announced a new cohort of companies to join the program in March, along with a new entrepreneur at the residency.

A diverse group of founders joining Cohort 5 are developing technologies ranging from software designed to help people manage their mental health, indoor cleaning systems, virtual space for thinking and career planning, and laser surface treatment based on artificial intelligence. to 3D printing with low carbon content. , low-latency remote broadcasting technology and smart locker systems. They are:

  • A-M8 – software designed to enable mobile users to better understand and manage their mental health by recognizing when changes may indicate a deterioration in mental health
  • Bright rays – fully integrated, digitized and with the support of artificial intelligence laser surface treatment system for metal and metal-ceramic composite materials
  • Change Maker 3d – low-carbon 3D printing for the construction industry
  • Equal vision – web internet, gaming virtual career thinking and space planning for young people
  • Malvern Air Ltd – purification of indoor air, which allows you to remove pathogens to a level that was previously considered impossible
  • Remote controls – remote control of low-delay broadcasting technology
  • Safe communication – a system of smart keyless lockers to reduce crime for places where people meet and communicate

Linda Smith, founder and CEO of BetaDen, said: “We are delighted with a number of companies joining Cohort 5, and the potential that their innovations offer to improve the way some industries work and change people’s lives for the better.

“Since the program was launched almost four years ago, members of our cohort have made some outstanding achievements by contracting with industry leaders such as HS2, NHS and Network Rail, and putting a number of the world’s first, including the first floating 5G self-powered buoy , which provided maritime safety monitoring off the coast of Dorset, and the first medical air bridge from the British mainland.

“These advances are now turning into strong investments and demonstrating how game-changing technologies can be developed here in Worcestershire, with the right advice, peer support and access to industry networks and venture capital.”

In addition to welcoming seven new members to the accelerator, BetaDen also confirmed that a graduate of Cohort 4 Prizsm Technologies, which has developed a quantum-sustainable, hypersensitive storage and communications solution, will join DronePrep as BetaDen entrepreneurs at the Malvern residence.

Ian Drury, co-founder of Prizsm, said: “BetaDen has played an important role in the development of our technology, supporting us in crystallizing our commercial offer and helping us develop the contacts and partnerships needed to test and prove our solution. We are excited to continue our relationship with BetaDen and play our part in supporting the next cohort of technology entrepreneurs in the county, drawing on our own program experience and commercializing our own technology to help them achieve their goals. ”

BetaDen provides early-stage technology companies with a nine-month support program worth around £ 50,000, allowing them to network, collaborate with cohort members, plan their way to market and prepare for investment. The program includes access to Worcestershire’s 5G test bench, a concept grant, mentoring from a select team of commercial and technology experts, and office space at Malvern Hills Science Park. Applications for cohort 6 will open in the fall of 2022. For more information, visit

LR Pratik Shukla, Manda Graham, Michele Fitzpatrick, Brandon Chieffo, Simon Davis, Tania Wall, Natalie Wadley and Chris Hollier join BetaDen founder and CEO Linda Smith


Housed alongside one of the UK’s first 5G test sites, BetaDen is at the forefront of testing and technology development of the future.

The test platform provides a revolutionary platform for businesses to develop next-generation technologies such as the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0.

Located in Malvern Hills Science Park, BetaDen offers entrepreneurs, start-ups and expansionists a package worth more than £ 50,000, consisting of access to Worcestershire’s 5G test stele, industry partners’ guide, free office space, mentoring from selected experts and evidence-based expertise. . grant.

Prizsm Technology

Founded in 2017, Prizsm Technologies Limited was founded by an experienced team of industry experts who have developed and delivered some of the world’s most secure mission-critical information systems. Prizsm is a computing storage platform that provides flexible, easy-to-use and resilient solutions for quantum-stable, hyperprotected cloud storage and communications. The Prizsm algorithm defines a new paradigm of distributed storage where information is stored “everywhere and nowhere”.

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BetaDen announces a cohort of 5 companies and a new entrepreneur in the residence – TECHNOLOGY

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