Black Friday Shopping: What to Buy Now and What to Expect; plus other tips to help you save big


RALEIGH, NC. (WTVD) — Black Friday is considered one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Stores open early and advertise huge savings, but how do you know you’re getting a deal?

No matter what store you shop at, chances are they’re offering some sort of Black Friday deal. But is this deal really what it seems?

“Sometimes we see retailers inflate the initial price to make the deal more attractive.” Andrea Vorach, said the consumer savings expert. The key, she said, is not to be seduced by the percentage savings a retailer claims. Instead, view the price history of what you want to buy, you can do this using a website, for example CAMELCAMELCAMEL.COM/

“It can tell you how much it sold for, and it can tell you if the deal you’re looking at is really good. Or maybe you should wait with a lower price based on trend history,” adds Vorach.

Also, always check if the store offers price adjustments, that way if the price drops before Christmas you can save even more.

When it comes to Black Friday doormats, you should always look at the manufacturer or brand, as these best deals are usually for electronics from other brands or models made for Black Friday, which may be missing key components and features or are of poor quality to keep prices low. If you want to save even more, take advantage of cash back offers through your credit card or combine them with programs like Rakuten, Coupon Cabin, and Ibotta.

“Really focus on earning more cash for your purchases because that cash can essentially help pay for those last-minute gifts or pay off your credit card balance,” Woroch said.

If you’re going to shop in-store or online, download their app to see if there are additional coupons for even more savings.

When it comes to what to buy on Black Friday, what should you wait to buy? has calculated the best items to buy on Black Friday, you can find their list here here. has also collected the best deals for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, you can find a list of them here here.

When it comes to toys, if it’s a popular sought-after toy, deal or not, it’s best to buy it when you find it. Because the longer you wait, you might be out of luck. While there will be plenty of deals on clothing and beauty products on Black Friday, Woroch said you might want to wait for those items.

“As for things like winter clothing… I say wait until Black Friday. In fact, Cyber ​​Monday has historically had the biggest discounts on fashion and beauty products.”

​​​​​​​While travel deals are on offer now, Woroch said Travel Deals Tuesday, which falls right after Cyber ​​Monday, can bring the best deals when it comes to vacations.

“ will publish a ton of deals for hotels, flights and many other travel needs, so this is a good time to maybe pick up a few flights. If you’re planning a trip in the new year,” said Voroch.

There are some great gift card deals right now. When you buy a certain amount, you get a gift card for free, but read the fine print because these gift cards can usually only be used for a certain amount of time. Regardless of when you buy, try to use your credit card in such a way that if there are any problems you are protected, especially online.

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Black Friday Shopping: What to Buy Now and What to Expect; plus other tips to help you save big

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