Blocking COVID-19 in China could slow Mac Studio supplies


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Anyone ordering Apple’s recently introduced Mac Studio desktop should keep a close eye on the delivery date, as the blocking related to COVID-19 in the Chinese city of Shenzhen threatens to make customers wait longer than expected to get their new machines.

Announced on Sunday, March 13, the blockade of one of the busiest technology centers in the world will force the city’s suppliers and production facilities to close for at least a week. Apple vendor Foxconn already has announced a temporary closure several manufacturing sites in Shenzhen, one of which manufactures the iPhone.

Apple introduced the new Mac Studio during a special event on Tuesday, March 8th. The device comes in two versions – M1 Max and more powerful M1 Ultra.

Even before the closure of Shenzhen had a chance to affect, delivery dates for Mac Studio were already shortening. The base Mac model M1 Max currently shows a delivery time of three to four weeks, while the base model with the M1 Ultra shows a standby time of six to seven weeks, with Apple Insider noting that the initial delivery time for the more powerful machine was only a couple of weeks.

When people start setting up the M1 Ultra to improve performance, the delivery date increases to 12 weeks, which is postponed to June.

While the overall incidence of COVID-19 in Shenzhen and China as a whole is still low compared to many locations, the national strategy of zero COVID-19 means that any outbreaks are met with localized mass testing and severe restrictions on new human interactions. infections will not be eliminated.

Of course, delivery times can be affected by many factors, including Apple’s own production schedule, which it sets in advance based on sales estimates of its new devices. Protracted supply chain problems caused by the protracted pandemic are already affecting the technology sector, but shutting down an important hub such as Shenzhen could cause even more problems in the coming weeks.

Digital Trends has asked Apple for information on the extent to which the latest blockade is expected to affect its global performance, and we will update this article when we receive a response.

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Blocking COVID-19 in China could slow Mac Studio supplies

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