BMW thinks you’ll get used to the subscription and profit


It seems that consumers have very little interest in subscription services in relation to their cars. However, this has not stopped many manufacturers from building such services into their future revenue plans. now BMW offers a little insight into why he thinks buyers will stop the practice and pay anyway.

Subscription services are not a new idea. For example, Tesla has for some time charged a monthly fee for some of its advanced driver assistance technologies. Ford and Volkswagen have publicly mentioned how they see a future where subscription services will be a huge revenue generator for them. The difference seems to be that BMW openly charges for small features like heated seats.

This isn’t the first time the brand has faced backlash over such a move. In the past, it started charging a monthly fee for access to Apple CarPlay. Not just some users find a hack to get around what they saw as an unnecessary software charge, but BMW itself eventually backed down. However, times are changing.

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In a new report from Bloomberg, BMW spokesman Torsten Jülich said: “We know from our customers that their mobility requirements are not as static as they used to be.” To some extent this is understandable. Some of us rarely travel because we work from home now, so an annual subscription or thousands of dollars in fees for features like Fully self-driving Tesla makes less sense than paying a one time monthly fee when we go on a trip.

However, heated seats are a feature of a different kind, and BMW isn’t stopping there. Along with heated seats, a subscription service has been created for a heated steering wheel, automatic high beams and adaptive cruise control. At the moment these subscriptions are limited to “select countries”, but what’s stopping BMW from expanding this in the future?

Will we ever go back to the days when paying for a car meant you got to keep all the features the car was actually built with? If BMW and other manufacturers have their way, the answer is no.

BMW thinks you’ll get used to the subscription and profit

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