Adam Azim vs. Anthony Lofet

Coventry SkyDome Arena, England – June 25, 2022

“Explosive” was the word Adam Azim used to date by BOXXER: BREAKTHROUGH media when asked to tell what fans can expect from him at Coventry SkyDome Arena on Saturday night’s live Sky Sports broadcast.

“People love entertainment, and I bring entertainment. You will see more explosive knockouts, you will see more tricks you have not seen on Saturday night, ”he said.

“It’s definitely a big step forward for me and I trained very hard before this fight. I am ready to go on Saturday, and I hope it will be the same result as my last four fights. “

Suhidliner Azim Sam Eggington also looking for a demonstration.

“Whether my opponent was boxing like Mayweather, or fighting like Tyson, I did my best in the gym to make sure I won. Crossing my fingers, it can be a struggle to push me to very big things, ”he said.

Further quotes from today’s media:

Karis Artingstal about the debut at the professional level: “I can’t wait to get started. Day after day I go out in the ring, I get beaten and beaten by people, so I’m used to this kind of thing. It’s all the little things beyond that that I need to get used to now. As a struggle in front of a large home audience, I’ve never done that before. ”

Lauren Price on Karriss: “Relax and enjoy it. I know she is 100% prepared, she absolutely flies. This week I watched her on pads and it’s the best I’ve ever seen. ”

Dylan Chima: “I have to be in my game. I have to be sharp. I’m fit and strong, so I’ll show it all off in the ring on Saturday night. But I can’t afford to miss the round, I have to be in my game during the fight. “

Cory Gibbs“You’ll see me a lot more in this fight. I am much better when I am relaxed and I was under pressure to immediately win the BOXXER series. Now you will see more relaxed Corey Gibbs and better Cory Gibbs. All my skills, all my strength, you can see a lot more and I can’t wait. “

Scott Forrest: “Heavy weight is a big division now, especially inside the country. My debut was just to feel the difference between amateur and professional fighting. My debut opponent was stopped only four times and he fought with many big heavyweights, but I went into my groove and made it my fight and that’s what I’m here to do on Saturday. ”

Ben Shalom on Asima: “He just wants to get there and fight. He feels no pressure and is obsessed with fighting. It gives me confidence that it will go to the end. “

Ben Shalom on Karriss: “She has something about her. She is special and I think she will illuminate the professional ranks. I think she will knock people out. Savannah Marshall does that, but very few women get breaks in professional fights, and I think Karis Artingstal could be one of them. ”

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