Broncos legend Randy Gradischer gets good news about the Hall of Fame


Former Denver Broncos midfielder Randy Gradischer was one of the best players of his era, but he has yet to find his way to the Professional Football Hall of Fame.

However, with changes in the selection process which came out on Thursday, he may soon have a better chance. For the next three cycles, starting in 2023, the selection committee approved changes that would allow the selection of up to three former senior players in the same year.

This will include a “more complete survey” of players whose careers ended more than 25 years ago. Gradishar, one of the best defensive players in Broncos history, retired after the 1983 season, having spent his entire 10-year career in Denver.

Grand Broncas Randy Gradischer has a resume at the Hall of Fame

Although I have did the job to have Gradishar been in the Hall of Fame before, I’m excited to do it again.

Selected in the first round in 1974 from Ohio, Gradishar never spent a season in Denver, making the Pro Bowl seven times, and in 1978 was named the league’s best defensive player.

In his career there have been more than 2,000 selections and 20 interceptions. He was one of the best linebackers of the 1970s and, perhaps most importantly, a key element of one of the best defensive groups in NFL history – the Orange Crush defense.

Although it was one of the most dominant defenses of all time, no player from this defense was elected to the Hall of Fame. That needs to change, and now that senior candidates should have a better chance of getting in, Gradishar deserves a long and careful consideration.

Not so long ago Russell Baxter of the NFL Spin Zone made a shot in the top 30 former players who are not yet in the Hall of Fame, and Gradishar ranks 5th on this list. You can quite easily build a case that Gradishar is the most deserving player, not yet in the Hall of Fame.

By the way, five players on this list will go to the 2022 class.

The window closes for Gradishar, who may have lost hope of ever getting a call or a notorious knock on the door letting him know that his hard work and devotion to the game he loved had finally paid off.

If you’re lucky, the football gods will finally look at the great Gradishar and acknowledge to him what he and his fans have been waiting for.


Broncos legend Randy Gradischer gets good news about the Hall of Fame

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