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PHOENIX – Case IH adds new sowing tools to help farmers increase productivity during the sowing season.

“The 2150S Early Riser seeder is designed for customers who need a solution to plant in a narrow row of 15-inch soybeans and then use the same seeder for a 30-inch row spacing,” said David Brennan, Case IH seedling marketing manager. “It also gives you the ability to plant cover crops with narrow aisles.”

Retired seed drill with front stock is available in five models – 23, 24, 31 or 32 rows with an interval of 15 inches or 24 rows with an interval of 20 inches.

“This planter gives the customer the opportunity to change the row spacing for the summer,” Brennan said during a media event. “You can go 15 to 30 inches between rows from the cab.”

Offset of the string unit is especially important in situations with a high balance.

“From the seed drop point on the front row block to the seed planting point on the back row set is 50 inches,” Brennan said. “It’s a lot of real estate to let the rest flow.”

The wings on the 2150S are folded 15 degrees up and down.

“On rolling ground, we can achieve the goal of agronomic design and achieve seed contact with the soil,” Brennan said. “And there are 16 inch stroke lines that will also help with rolling.”

The clamping force on the wings is designed to ensure proper control of seed depth.

“The wing downforce cylinder is pushed onto the wing frame to make sure the outer blocks of the row also maintain good contact,” Brennan said.

“The new design of the liquid tank allows for a large amount of product to be transported, so farmers can spend more time laying seeds in the ground rather than filling the product,” he said. “Sowing has a capacity of 525 gallons with multiple application points.”

Two tanks of 50 bushels per planter provide seed capacity of 100 bushels.

“Valley is an option so you can see how many seeds are on the left or right side,” Brennan said.

“We have a complete offer of residue managers that are managed from the cab,” he said. “Paracies include cutting openers to help with high residues.”

“In the 2023 model year, we have significantly improved the power, accuracy and versatility of the Precision Disk 550 pneumatic seed drill,” said Trent Novosad, Case IH seed drill marketing manager.

“The first major thing we did was increase the capacity in each of the two sizes to 110-bushel capacity on a 30-foot storm and 140 bushel on a 40-foot storm,” Novosad said.

“Changing the capacity of the tank has allowed us to make some reconstructions of the tank, including the lower end of the tank, so that it is better not to get into it moisture,” he said. “We have also improved access to measurement and cleaning components.”

Customers notice an improvement in the lid on the side.

“We changed the cover to make it much safer,” Novosad said. “There is an easy-to-use system of guide rails for the lid to prevent it from being hit by the filling device.”

Improvements have been made to the rear third of the row units.

“We have added the ability to adjust not only the pressure of the locking wheel, but also the angle of attack of the trench for seeds,” said Novosad. “It’s conducive to such harsh conditions as‘ no-till ’.

The Case IH in-line unit has a parallel design.

“This gives us a stable seed drop point compared to our competitors, where the seed drop point changes consistently as it passes through its range,” Novosad said.

“The second advantage of the parallel design is that it maintains the angle of attack of the opener, which stably provides better ground penetration and residue management,” he said.

“And this design maintains constant pressure on the closing system, which allows us to better close the trench to give us the precision of the drill,” he said. “Our competitors can’t compare to us in terms of the reaction of our training in terms of the work it does to build the stands.”

Case IH adds 2150S seeder and 550 seeder to improve landing performance – AgriNews

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