CBS orders “True Lies” to premiere in the middle of the 2023 season


Almost three decades later A true lie hit theaters in 1994, a television comedy action movie is a comedy. Deadline reports that Joseph McGinty Nicole (better known as McG) produces a A true lie TV series for cbs.

James Cameron staged the original A true lie, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as Harry Tasker and Jamie Lee Curtis as his wife Helen Tasker. In the film, Harry is an elite counter-terrorism operative and secret agent who hides his double life by covering up his identity as a computer salesman. When Helen gets bored of their marriage, Harry’s attempt to revive their love life inadvertently introduces her to his world of international espionage.

In fact, the same premise exists for TV shows. Steve Howie will portray Harry in the series, and Ginbir Gonzaga got the role of Helen. The first photo from the exhibition can be seen below.

Here is the official synopsis from CBS:

“Shocked to find that her soft-spoken and inconspicuous computer consultant husband is a skilled international spy, an unfulfilled suburban housewife is drawn into a life of danger and adventure when she is recruited to work with him to save the world. when they try to revive their dispassionate marriage ”.

Erica Hernandez, Omar Miller, Mike O’Gorman and Anabela Didion and Lucas Jay are also starring in the series.

Notice of burns creator Matt Knicks is a showrunner for A true lie, and Cameron is the executive producer of the series alongside Ray Sancini, Anthony Hemingway, Mary Viola, Corey Marsh and Josh Levy. The premiere of the show on CBS is expected to take place in the middle of the season, in early 2023. Since 20th Century Studios Disney owns both the film and the show, it will likely be broadcast on Hulu in the future.

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CBS orders “True Lies” to premiere in the middle of the 2023 season

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