Charlie Henry replaced Nate Oats in the Tide victory


Alabama Basketball has a tendency to make games difficult for themselves. They did it again Wednesday night in Tuscaloosa and lost Nate Oats in the process. After a second technical in a minute, Ows had to come out with more than eight minutes to go in the second half.

He was an assistant in the fight against the Purple Tide Charlie Henry. Oats and Henry go far back. Henry was an assistant to Oats at Romulus High School in Michigan, as well as an assistant in Iowa and the Chicago Bulls. Henry was the head coach of the Windy City Bulls in League G. He returned to coaching in college when Nate Ows moved from Buffalo to Tuscaloosa.

After two free throws by Iverson Malinar, the Bulldogs were leading 60-57 after the second technical throw. In less than a minute, “State” led by seven points – 64-57. Alabama responded with a score of 18-2 and led 75-66 57 seconds before the game. The final was the 80-75 Crimson Tide.

After the game, Nate Oats said:

I besieged and did not treat the judges as I should have. I’m proud of our guys for finding a way to win the game the other night when we didn’t shoot well

The tide shot 44.4 percent for the game; interest with the help of five dances of Charles Bediac. Outside the arc Alabama was horrible again: 6 to 30 to 20 percent.

Given what he has done in the last eight minutes of the game, Oats said

Not the best feeling to leave a team when you’re the head coach. I was pretty annoyed. I watched the game back in the gym with Jeff, our administrator, at this point cheering as a fan.

Were it not for the strong play of Charles Bediac and the outstanding play of Yahwon Quinerley, “Tide” would not have won. Glorifying Quinerley, Oats said

This is Yahwon (Quinerli), which we have seen in practice. … If we can get him to play like that from now on, I think we will have the best playmaker in the country again.

Alabama basketball is the highlights of the team and players

  • Yahwon Quinerli – 21 points; eight assists and two rebounds, just two turns
  • Charles Bediac – 6 by 7 from the floor; 15 points; five rebounds and six blocks
  • Jaden Sheckelford – 15 points; eight rebounds; four assists
  • Darius Miles – 12 points; seven heels; one gear and three interceptions
  • J.D. Davison – seven points; 10 rebounds, plus assists and interceptions
  • Bulldogs’ top scorer Iverson Malinar is one of the SEC’s top scorers. He went into the game, shooting 51.9 percent in the SEC game. Tide defenders demanded that he score 35 percent. He scored 22 points, but it took him 20 shots from the game and eight free kicks to score 22.

On an evening when Tide wins without a head coach for more than eight minutes, Tide players and assistants need to be commended for their determination and tenacity.

Nate Oats has no plans to throw out of the game after what seemed unintentional. But it really ignited his players and that fire could continue at Rupp Arena on Saturday.

Charlie Henry replaced Nate Oats in the Tide victory

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