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Circular Computing, the world leader in laptop recovery, will work with WWF-UK to help make a charitable transition to a sustainable corporate laptop in an effort to continue its carbon-neutral trajectory.

The deal involves the delivery of Circular Computing 510 refurbished laptops to WWF-UK, which complements their long-term sustainable development strategy and meets the requirements of their sustainable procurement policy.

Remanufacture is a destructive Circular Computing process that produces HP, Dell, and Lenovo laptops, pre-used HP, Dell, and Lenovo laptops, equal to or better than new. BSI Kitemark ™ confirms that the circular remanufacturing process provides a laptop that has “at least equivalent performance and a warranty equivalent to or better than that of the newly manufactured product”.

The move to recycled laptops not only saves mountain capital organizations around the world, but also plays a big role in tackling the growing problem of e-waste, which is now the fastest-growing waste stream in the world (Statista, 2021). Recent reports emphasize that the mountain of e-waste is currently 57 million tons per year (WEEE Forum, 2021) and is now heavier than the Great Wall of China.

After successfully testing 50 refurbished devices, WWF-UK is using this opportunity to bring sustainability to its procurement processes and find suppliers that match its values ​​to drive change in all areas of activity. This change was initiated by WWF-UK Environment Manager and supported by his ICT team, which recognizes the importance that sustainable computing equipment can play in advancing a broader climate change agenda.

Rod Neil, founder of circular computing, said: “We are proud to be working with WWF to help it achieve an environmental change agenda in the coming years by switching to refurbished devices. We are especially proud to work with an established and meaningful organization that is committed to our values ​​and wants to drive change to create a more sustainable and ethical world. Our proposal is ideal for organizations in the charity sector and will have a tangible impact not only on results but also on progress towards sustainability goals.

Neil continues “We created Circular Computing to ensure the same level of consistency in scale and state of supply as a brand new channel. In this way, we can supply all our customers with the most sustainable laptop on the planet and meet all their technological needs, without asking to risk the cosmetic, technical or warranty characteristics of the products.

Said Lauren Wiseman, WWF-UK Environment Manager: “Electronic equipment, although necessary for business operations, has a great environmental and social footprint. In our homes, we reuse electronics, and many people choose refurbished or used technology. The introduction of these sustainable consumption practices in the workplace is essential to reduce our environmental footprint and conserve the planet’s natural resources. We hope that more companies will follow their example and try repaired electronics. “

Dominique Elton, Head of IT Services, WWF-UK, adds: “We are delighted to be able to upgrade our laptops for the first time with a truly sustainable, viable product, thanks to our work with Circular Computing. We are facing a climate and natural crisis, and WWF-UK is focused on ensuring its own sustainability through procurement, including on how we procure for IT. This is another step that will help reduce our carbon footprint without compromising supply quality. ”

In addition, the Circular Computing project has bought nearly 500 laptops from the WWF-UK estate and will seek to use them through its recently launched ITAD program to give them a second life through recovery. This means a really circular deal and will be equal to the five extra trees planted for each laptop in the buyout scheme.

About Circular Computing ™

Circular Computing ™ is a world leader in laptop recovery with a mission to create a more ethical, sustainable and socially responsible way of acquiring enterprise-class IT.

Circular Computing, which operates its state-of-the-art recovery plant, has the world’s first and only BSI Kitemark ™ for refurbished laptops, which confirms that it manufactures products “equal to or better than new” as required by BS 8887. its 360 The HP, Dell, and Lenovo laptops provide a point-by-point recovery of the circular computing process that looks and works like new, while ensuring the process and the end product are carbon-free.

The Circular Computing Recovery process provides an innovative alternative to the “new”, going beyond cosmetically improved finishes to provide an intense focus on performance and reliability. Thanks to the support of global sustainable development projects, each Circular Computing ™ laptop is also a certified product with neutral carbon.

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Circular Computing to Work with WWF-UK to Deploy Sustainable IT Procurement – TECHNOLOGY RESELLER

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