Clemson Football: The Tigers bring four to the 2022 NFL Combine



In this year’s NFL draft, Clemson is expected to reach the first round, Andrew Booth Jr. (23).


Andrew Booth Jr., Justin Ross, Mario Goodrich and Beylon Spector will represent Clemson at the NFL Scouting Factory, which begins Wednesday in Indianapolis.

The four Tigers come from different perspectives – from a prospect that is highly debated like Booth, to someone who can use a combine harvester to increase their stockpiles like Spectrum. After this week, NFL scouts will have another opportunity to see the quartet on Clemson’s professional day on campus on March 17th.

Here’s a look at the four Tiger players training on the combine:

Andrew Booth first round?

Of Clemson’s four prospects, Booth has the least to prove as a predictable first-round pick on the cornerback. CBS Sports has it as high as 22nd selectionmoving to Las Vegas Raiders, while NFL Draft analyst Chad Reuters called the Georgian native as Buffalo Beals first choice at No. 25.

The former five-star rookie from Archer High School started 15 of 35 games at Clemson and was best known for what he did sports, highlight the reel of the play. In his junior season, Booth has made 39 rebounds, including three losses, five assists and three interceptions that reach the team level. He and Goodrich were named members of the ACC’s first team, the first duo of corner defenders to receive the honor since 1997.

Justin Ross is still predicted in the first rounds

Injuries ruined Ross ’chances of being undoubtedly the top pick in the first round.

Having spent 1,865 receiving yards in his first two years with the Tigers, he spent the 2020 season aside after surgery for congenital spinal fusion, with which he was unconsciously born. It seemed that playing football again was questionable, but doctors allowed Ross to return to the field. A graduate of Central High School (Alabama), he returned to the starting lineup in 2021 and led the Tigers with 514 yards in 46 receptions with three touchdowns. Another injury – this time in the foot – has stopped Ross in the last three games of the year.

Where Reuters has a wide receiver that goes 43rd in the Atlanta Falcons, Bleacher Report called it a potential late selection in the first or second roundwhich is realistic if he is 100% healthy.

Mario Goodrich could raise his shares

Goodrich was most impressed with how his patience allowed him to make gradual strides in his growth as a corner defender at Clemson.

“You give the child a lot of credit for what he said. He did not jump in the portal ” Said Jim Naj, CEO of Reese’s Senior Bowl during a performance in the podcast “Gramlich and McLain”. “He laid it out at Clemson, but he has all the tools.”

In 2021, Booth drew more attention to the secondary field, giving Goodrich a chance to shine. A native of Kansas City, Missouri, named the third All-American team by Pro Football Focus, he finished his final season in college with 48 rebounds, nine breaks and two interceptions and forced interceptions. This forced grope proved to be a winning game against Iowa during the Cheez-It Bowl.

The consensus is that Goodrich will be elected on the second or third day, perhaps the fourth roundbut made himself able to raise his shares of the Senior Bowl.

Baylon Spectrum seems to be advancing among full-fledged defenders

Of Clemson’s four players heading to the combine, Specter has the most to prove in terms of draft, not to mention positioning. In PFF it is numbered 258 on his big boardwhile Pro Football Network designs it as the choice of the sixth round.

In Clemson, Spector was part of a lineup duo with James Skalski – known as the “Bruise Brothers” – and started in 10 of 11 games played in a red shirt last season. The two-year starter from Georgia was the second in the number of selections in the team with 85 selections along with 4.5 selections to lose, 2.5 selections, a break in the pass, interception, forced probing and recovery.

The spectator caught several eyes during the competition for the All-Star Shrine Bowl match, be called a “lift” on the second day of exercise. A great performance on the combine this week will require him to continue to rise in the draft board, competing alongside other linebacks such as Nakobe Dean (Georgia), Terrell Bernard (Baylor) and Christian Harris (Alabama).

The Tigers are in the NFL

Clemson has had at least two players who have played in the NFL draft since 2003. They ranged from first-round elections such as Sammy Watkins (2014), to what was taken on the last day as Chansy Stacky (2007), who is now a broad-based coaching coach at Notre Dame.

Clemson’s biggest draft class during that time was in 2016, when nine “Tigers” heard their name three months after the team’s first appearance in the National College Football Championship. In defense Shaq Lawson was the only player of the first round, he was drafted by the Buffalo Bills with the 19th pick; then defensive end Kevin Dodd (Tennessee Titans); corner defender Mackenzie Alexander (Minnesota Vikings); and Security TJ Green (Indianapolis Colts) in the second round.

Here’s a look at the seven most famous Tigers from the last five drafts:

* QB Trevor Lawrence – Choice № 1, 2021 (Jacksonville Jaguars)

CB AJ Terrell – Rd. 1, № 16 in 2020 (Atlanta Falcons)

WR Tee Higgins – Rd. 2, № 33 overall in 2020 (Cincinnati Bengals)

DT Christian Wilkins – Rd. 1, № 13 overall in 2019 (Miami Dolphins)

WR Hunter Renfrau – Rd. 5, № 149 overall in 2019 (Las Vegas Raiders)

WR Mike Williams – Rd. 1, № 7 overall in 2017 (Los Angeles Chargers)

QB Dashon Watson – Rd. 1, № 12 overall in 2017 (Houston Texas)

* Lawrence was the first in Clemson’s history number 1 in the NFL Draft

The main dates of the NFL that you need to know

NFL Scout Factory – March 1-7

Clemson’s professional day on campus – March 17

NFL Draft – April 28-30

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Clemson Football: The Tigers bring four to the 2022 NFL Combine

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