ColorOS 13 is coming in August, and it’s better than expected


Android 13 is coming to Oppo phones in the guise of ColorOS 13, the company’s special version of Google’s latest mobile operating system. The change in the title is a new design style called “Aquamorphic” because the team took inspiration for its look from water. It can be seen everywhere with new themes, color palettes and icon shapes.

New design and features

ColorOS 13 adds a new larger app folder option so you can browse and activate apps directly without having to open the folder first. Activating expanded mode is simple and only takes a long press on the smaller default folder. The Quick Settings view has been updated to work in landscape mode, where it shows the usual options on the left side of the screen and media controls on the right. If you have an Oppo Pad Air tablet, ColorOS 13 has a copy and paste function to exchange basic information between it and your ColorOS 13 phone, but it does not support file transfer.

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There are several new Always-on screen options, which include the Insight screen from OnePlus’ OxygenOS, as well as the Bitmoji screen and the Spotify integration screen. This is mine already made it to OxygenOS. You can also look forward to a new wallpaper called Blossom, which provides information on how much screen time you’ve spent in front of the screen, and a timer to help keep track of it. Oppo has also worked to make transitions more natural and the overall design more accessible and inclusive.

This applies to features like one-handed mode and split-screen multitasking, both of which are easy to activate and work very well. Less useful is the smart sidebar, where a small window with various applications can be swiped from the edge of the screen. This is handy if you want to use the app as a floating window, but otherwise pointless. The same goes for Shelf, a feature also seen in OxygenOS. It’s a sliding section like the notification bar and is nothing more than annoying. If you’re right-handed, it’s too easy to activate instead of the notification bar. Fortunately, it can be turned off.

Trying ColorOS 13

We spent some time with the ColorOS 13 beta installed on a Find the X5 Proand the good news is that it’s an improvement over ColorOS 12. The Aquamorphic style gives the design a more cohesive look and fluidity, and uses Android’s Material You color picker to match system colors to your wallpaper.

Transitions are smooth and for the most part there are fewer interruptions as well. Up until now, the first few days with ColorOS have always been difficult, with system notifications constantly pestering you, but this has been minimized in ColorOS 13. However, Oppo still pre-installs a lot of apps, including various games, a live streaming app, LinkedIn, Amazon, as well as many of its own programs.

Some features haven’t been included in the beta yet, including the Blossom wallpaper and Landscape Control Center, so we weren’t able to test them. Despite being in beta, the software has been solid, but notifications don’t always sync with the always-on screen, though that’s a problem carried over (and obviously not fixed) with ColorOS 12.

Oppo’s ColorOS 13 does seem like a much better designed and more user-friendly piece of software than ColorOS 12. However, not everyone will be a fan of Oppo’s approach to the mobile operating system. as we found out when we tried OxygenOS 13which is almost identical to him.

Phone numbers and schedule

The Oppo Find X5 and Find X5 Pro are the first on the list to receive the update, and it is slated to arrive in August. Oppo Find N The foldable smartphone is also set to receive an update this month. In September of Find the X3 Pro and Reno8 Pro are on the list, followed by a number of Oppo phones including the Reno8, Reno7 Pro, Reno7 and A77, A76 and F21 Pro.

By the end of 2022, Oppo intends to send the update to other phones Find X5, Find X3, Reno8, Reno6 and Reno5. Then in 2023, the Oppo Pad Air tablet will lead the way for other A and F series phones. Oppo says ColorOS 13 will represent the biggest software update ever.

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ColorOS 13 is coming in August, and it’s better than expected

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