Cooper orders government to stop contracts and operations that benefit Russia ::


North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper on Monday ordered government agencies to review and repeal existing agreements and operations they carry out that directly benefit Russian organizations.

Cooper’s move was a response to the Russian military’s attack on Ukraine.

“The invasion of Ukraine is an attack on the free people,” Cooper said in a statement. – This order sends a strong message and helps ensure that no government dollars or operations from North Carolina will benefit Russia and its unwarranted aggression. Our state is in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, who are bravely fighting the tyrant to defend their country, their democracy and their freedom. “

The governor’s order applies to government agencies and departments under his authority, but he urges other government agencies and local authorities to get rid of Russian assets.

Near the ABC store in Raleigh, buyers said that seeing images of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, they agreed with Cooper’s decision.

“You can’t just go into my house and tell me to get out of it,” Roy Hyman said. – I will also fight to the end.

Gus Gusler, owner of Player’s Retreat, said seeing vision of pain and fear in Ukraine forced him to make changes to his drink list.

“I said pull out all the Russian vodka we got,” Husler said.

Gusler said his team at Player’s Retreat first conducted some research and found that they did not have alcohol produced in Russia. In fact, some of the alcohol had a Russian name, but in some cases was produced in America.

“We don’t have Russian vodka here, so there’s nothing to pull,” Gusler said.

Cooper’s order follows similarly similar steps by other states which complement the sanctions imposed by President Joe Biden’s administration.

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu on Saturday signed an order for state-owned liquor stores and wine to remove Russian alcohol from its shelves.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolfe on Sunday ordered the State Council for the Control of Alcoholic Beverages to “remove Russian products from stores and stop selling them as soon as possible as a small show of solidarity and support for the people of Ukraine.”

Cooper’s order instructs the ABC North Carolina Commission, which oversees the sale of alcohol in the state, to review its approved products produced by Russian organizations, and immediately suspend approval of such products.

“I think that’s a great message,” Gusler said.

On Monday, the commission said it had suspended the availability of “alcoholic beverages in North Carolina produced by Russian organizations” and that “special order products made in Russia are also no longer available.”

Cooper singled out three vodka companies, which, in his opinion, fall under this order – “Sickle + hammer”, “Beluga” and “Russian Standard”.

The Sickle and Hammer website calls itself “Russia’s most luxurious vodka.”

Anthony Faletra, the company’s president and CEO, said the boycott of Cooper would hurt Americans.

“We are saddened by this disgusting war in Ukraine and stand with the people of Ukraine,” Faletra said in a statement. We understand the boycott of Russian products, but for Klin Spirits, the owner of the Sickle and Hammer, everything is much different.

The Hammer Sickle is 100% US-owned, we are a small import company based in Lowell, Massachusetts, with five full-time employees. This boycott will close the doors of small companies and change the lives of five hard-working families. we are like that and what it will do to us ”.

Beluga and Russian Standard did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Cooper orders government to stop contracts and operations that benefit Russia ::

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