Cops say a wallaby that went missing in an Ohio city has eluded arrest



The wallaby has been on the loose and has been roaming in and around Ohio City for several days, police said.

Photo courtesy of the Brewster Police Department.

When the Brewster Police Department received a call about a strange animal running around the northeast Ohio town, Chief Nathan Taylor wasn’t entirely sure.

An eyewitness said it was a kangaroo on Thursday, August 11. Officers searched the area but did not find any animals roaming in or around the city.

“We didn’t find anything, we didn’t think of anything,” Taylor told McClatchy News in an Aug. 14 phone interview.

But two days after the first sighting, someone came to the department with a video showing the animal jumping across a road well lit by headlights.

“Then we realized there really was a wallaby running around us,” Taylor said.

Taylor said the number of sightings has increased since then, but police have so far been unable to capture the animal.

“He was spotted sporadically throughout the village,” Taylor said. “He pops up. He is usually out at night.”

Although it was initially thought to be a kangaroo, Taylor says it was identified as a wallaby – a species similar to a kangaroobut much less.

“He’s just sitting in the field eating and doing his thing,” Taylor said, adding that the wallaby was recently spotted near a chip factory in the town.

Police do not know where the wallaby came from. Taylor says it’s most likely an escaped pet, but if that’s the case, none of the owners have said yet.

“I could imagine someone grabbing him and breaking free, but he’s not going to let us get within 50 yards of him,” Taylor said.

A private company is brought in to help capture the wallabies.

Officers plan to use drones to locate and monitor the animal, while a police rescue team will set traps to capture the wallaby alive and unharmed, Taylor said.

“They have the means and the means to humanely capture him and move him to a safer environment,” Taylor said.

Mitchell Willetts is a real-time news reporter covering the central US for McClatchy. He is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and an outdoor enthusiast who lives in Texas.

Cops say a wallaby that went missing in an Ohio city has eluded arrest

Source link Cops say a wallaby that went missing in an Ohio city has eluded arrest