Destiny 2: Queen of Witches: How to unlock Glaive’s weapon


Running in Destiny 2: The Queen of Witches, introduced many new mechanics, abilities and weapons to the Destiny universe. Few are as versatile and useful as Glaive. This weapon combines quick melee strikes with powerful long-range attacks and the ability of a rescue shield. This is a weapon that every Keeper will want in his arsenal. We are going to show you how to get Glaive Destiny 2: The Queen of Witchesand how to make the most of it.

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How to unlock Glaive in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

Glefa is a great weapon, and you will mercifully easily get your first, playing in the main company The Queen of Witches. First, complete the introductory mission of The Arrival. If you complete this mission, you will be sent to the Enclave to talk to Caviar Ray.

Caviar will assign you a quest called Relic. Leave it and follow the indicator to the nearest enclave. Inside is a colorful platform called The Relic that acts as your crafting table. Approach it and the tutorial will walk you through the following steps:

  • Select the Form option to start tinkering.
  • Choose Intrinsic. They are represented by white boxes on the left of the screen.
  • Choose bonuses. These are blue circles that give bonuses to Glefa’s abilities. You can assign four privileges to this weapon. The first two are simple.
  • Form weapons. Select the purple box in the far right corner and hold down the click, or long press the select button.

This will form (manufacture) the Enigma, your very first Glaive. During your initial craft there are only very limited choices of bonuses that you can assign. If you use this weapon, it will gain XP and level up, unlocking more and stronger bonuses. You can return to the relic at any time to change the interior and perks assigned to your glaze by selecting the “Reform” option in the relic menu. Keep in mind that weapons must not be equipped so that they can be reshaped.

Once Glaive reaches level three, you can upgrade Intrinsic worth 40,000 glitters, 12 Enhancement cores and 20 Resonant Alloy.

View a list of internal craft options in Destiny 2.

Internal properties

  • Processing
  • Range
  • Reboot speed
  • Shield length

Upgrading benefits costs 75 neutral items. Bonuses are divided into Hafts, Magazines and Traits:


  • Ballistic Tuning – Increases range and reduces shield duration
  • Low impedance windings – increases the duration of the shield and recharging speed, reduces the range
  • Hardened truss – increases processing speed, reduces recharging speed and range
  • Supercooled accelerator – increases range, reduces recharging and processing speed
  • Auxiliary reserves – increase the duration of the shield, reduce the recharge rate
  • Light emitter – increases the speed of recharging and processing, reduces the duration of the shield


  • Extended Mag – Increases store size, reduces reload speed
  • Alloy Magazine – Reboots faster when the store is empty
  • Added Mag – Increases log size
  • Accurized Rounds – Increases range
  • Swap Mag – Increases readiness and storage speed
  • Light Mag – Increases recharging speed and range

There are two slot slots, each with a different set of options. They all come with a standard and more powerful upgraded version that can be equipped as your Glaive level increases.

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Feature 1

  • Leaning on windmills – blocking damage to your shield increases speed
  • Threat Detector – Increases recharging, stability and controllability when enemies are in close proximity
  • Feeding Frenzy – Each quick kill of this weapon gradually increases the reload speed for a short time
  • Pulse amplifier – significantly increases the speed of the projectile, increases the rate of recharging
  • Existence – defeat of goals partially reloads the magazine from reserves
  • Tomb Raider – Last melee strikes reload weapons from reserves

Feature 2

  • Tireless – Rapidly defeating enemies triggers health regeneration
  • Clamp to Kill – Reboot after kill gives increased damage
  • Thresh – killing combatants with this weapon generates superenergy
  • Frenzy – Staying in combat for long periods of time increases loss, processing and reloading speed
  • Unstoppable Force – Blocking shield damage increases projectile damage for a short time
  • Rampage – killing with this weapon temporarily increases losses. Stacks 3x

Glaive is in the slot for secondary weapons and is very useful. As might be expected from a blade stick, it is very strong in close combat. He hits hard, like a sword, and can perform short combinations to unleash multiple attacks soon. You can also press the aiming button down to create a temporary damage lock. Finally, you can shoot from it like a cannon, launching a powerful projectile that flies in a straight line, inflicting amazing damage.

Completely created glyph in Destiny 2.

Enigma is not the only Glaive. As you progress, there will be exotic glyphs specific to each class of guardians, and another universal glyph called Lubrae’s Ruin. The first trio is earned by performing quests on the Board of Evidence on Mars, the second is a reward from the Apprentice Oath raid.

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Destiny 2: Queen of Witches: How to unlock Glaive’s weapon

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