Details of the style of the new car that drive us crazy


Car design is a subjective matter. Aston Martin one person can be someone else’s Kia Amantibut often it is the small details that can really decide whether you like or hate the look of a particular car.

Aerodynamic conventions are preserved for maximum fuel efficiency and the need to follow safety rules means that many cars look fundamentally similar in shape and proportions, so automakers are counting on headlights, grilles and weird body oddities to help us distinguish them.

But while some of these details are like radiator grille BMW 4-Series, half of us will praise, they are just as likely to take away the rest. What style details of the new car drive you crazy? Take a look at this collection of subjective design developments and then leave a comment to tell us which ones really grind your mechanisms.

Subaru WRX

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The Subaru WRX 2022 The controversial black plastic crossover-style wing trim has won as many fans as haters, but most people seem to be united in their hostility to the large black diaper that serves as the rear bumper.

Volkswagen ID. Buzzing

VW ID. Buzzing the electric retro minivan is a cool thing, but we’d love to get a car beard trimmer and remove the awesome plastic lower bumper that makes the white versions look like Santa Claus in some kind of medical facial hair net.

Genesis GV70

Between the Bentley-style radiator grille and the amazing arrangement of the headlights, where halfway, there’s something to draw your attention to the nose Genesis GV70. But you won’t even notice as soon as you notice that the hood looks constantly ajar.

Land Rover Discovery

The shift of the license plate has been a hallmark of the Discovery’s rear style since the model was first introduced in 1989. But then it made sense, because a spare wheel was screwed to the back door. On the later LR3 everything still looked fine, even though the wheel moved below the trunk floor because the rear window was tooth-shaped. But turned to the present Discovery it just makes the back of the British SUV as if it suffers from Bell’s palsy.

Aston Martin Vantage

The radically different look of the Vantage 2018 caused a great stir because it abandoned the traditional lattice lattice for a more whimsical version of the network. We actually like the new look, but the aftermarket Revenant Automotive was quick to come up with a replacement bumper / grille for buyers who preferred the face of the old Aston Martins, and now Aston itself offers a choice of grilles at the point of order (pictured above).

Ford Mustang Mach-E

If we talk about grilles, it would be too easy to head straight for BMW, but there is so much controversy that it’s hard to figure out where to start. So let’s take a look at Ford Mustang Mach-E instead. Is it just us, or does this annoying partially cut lattice look like one of those holes for the handle on the cardboard box you’re asked to fold?

What does your new car design hate? Leave a comment and let us know.

Details of the style of the new car that drive us crazy

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