Disney + will soon be cheaper


Disney + is one of the most popular streaming services, despite the fact that it is one of the newest. While $ 7.99 a month isn’t much compared to Netflix, the company still feels the need to introduce a plan at a lower cost. Disney + will reportedly introduce a cheaper level with ad-supported later this year.

Disney + will present a level with ad support

Disney really beat the gold with its introduction Disney +. Movies and shows from the company did exist on other streaming platforms, but it’s no better to have a complete catalog of Disney movies and shows on the same platform. You have classics like Cinderella, and new hits like Encanto. There is also content from National Geographic, Marvel and Lucu Arts.

The base plan costs $ 7.99 a month, and it’s not too stinging. However, for most people, having food for $ 8 is more logical than watching Avengers: End of Game for the 14th time. Because of this, Disney plans to introduce a version of Disney + with advertising support later this year.

Karim Daniel, chairman of Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution, announced the news and called it a “victory for all”. He said the move would spread streaming platform for more people and it makes sense. Accessing all the same content for a few smaller dollars a month sounds like a good deal. Most people are good at watching a few minutes of commercials during their videos.

This is the same thing that Hulu does. Its $ 6.99 payment rate has advertising before and during programs, and people prefer to have it than pay double to skip advertising.

This can upset some people

What is one of the reasons why people use YouTube Kids? Lack of advertising. YouTube protects children from potentially harmful advertising on its child-only platform, and no one has complained. So far there is a base of adult observers Disney +there is no denying that the main audience is children.

This means that the platform will display ads that children will see, and there are parents who do not like it. Disney will need to keep an eye on what types of ads are shown on Disney +, because there are definitely bad ones. One problem with online advertising is that it can sometimes be inappropriate. We’ve all seen this ad for zombie games with an R rating.

Disney plans to introduce this new level of advertising support for Disney + later this year, so you can guess in the fourth quarter. As for the price, there is no word on it, but it can cost from $ 4.99 a month to $ 6.99 a month.

Disney + will soon be cheaper

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