Do Elon Musk’s antics make you more or less inclined to buy a Tesla?


How much current CEOs of automakers can you name I guess a few, but certainly not everyone. Me too. For the most part, the suits that run the auto companies mostly operate in the background, invisible to all but the most obsessive industry watcher.

You won’t find it Jeep’s Christian Meunier a dad dancing at the opening of a new factory, or Opel’s Florian Hütl smoking weed during an interview for Joe Rogan’s podcast. The head of Dacia, Denis Le Vaud, is not inclined to accuse the rescuers of pedophilia, and Skoda CEO Klaus Zellmer would probably be forced to take a hard line if he tweeted that VW Group’s share price was “too high” or challenged Vladimir Putin to fight

And you can imagine Beatrice Fouche of DS Automobiles send a DS 9 into space, appear in a Marvel movie, or release a song about a dead gorilla on Soundcloud as an April Fool’s prank?

Of course you can’t, and you’ve probably never heard of her anyway (I had to look her up for this post), which is as it should be. But everyone heard about Elon Musk, and we don’t just mean the automotive community. This man is a household name even among the uninitiated, partly because his electric cars helped change the perception and acceptance of the electric car, but also because he actually did all of the crazy things listed above, and more more.

What to name your smallest electric car Model E (over Ford’s objection forcefully changed to 3), purely so he could joke around in the schoolyard, as tweeted below.

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Musk is occasionally offensive, occasionally irresponsible, and probably annoys the hell out of a lot of people including those he works with. But he’s also often very funny, undeniably bold, unafraid to turn convention on its head, and undeniably very intelligent. He’s the CEO who showed car enthusiasts who thought they were only interested in the metal in the showroom that what goes on behind the scenes to get it there is often just as fascinating.

But The polarizing character of Elon Musk and erratic behavior means that people tend to have strong opinions about it, and we suspect that those opinions are likely to have a significant impact on whether or not some potential Tesla buyers take home or shop elsewhere. So leave a comment and let us know if Elon Musk and his antics make you more or less inclined to buy a Tesla, and if you wish other automaker CEOs were more willing to fire.

Do Elon Musk’s antics make you more or less inclined to buy a Tesla?

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