DuckDuckGo makes pirate content difficult for people


There are countless web browsers there that give people a completely different viewing experience. One of the most popular is called DuckDuckGo and, according to TorrentFreak (through Engadget), this browser has brought changes that complicate pirated content for you.

By itself, going through a torrent is not bad – it’s just a way to download files faster. However, many people tend to use torrent as a method of distributing pirated content. People download games, music, movies / TV shows and programs through torrent sites, and this has done far more harm than good.

But DuckDuckGo will make getting pirated content harder

Now the site can offer torrent content without breaking the law; it just can’t be copyrighted. However, there are sites that are undoubtedly points of theft. Well, now DuckDuckGo no longer connects to sites that distribute pirated content. If you try to access hotspots such as Flixtor and 2conv, you will see a white screen.

This is an amazing story when it comes to the biggest torrent site, The Pirate Bay. It was thought that the site was also inaccessible through DuckDuckGo, but this is not the case. Sites like Pirate Bay are really elusive because they are constantly changing their domains.

The same can be said for the gray area, which downloads videos from YouTube. The browser is targeted to this site, even if it can legally continue to work.

Other browsers also fight piracy

DuckDuckGo is not the only browser that seeks to combat piracy. Government agencies have closed torrent sites, but they always manage to return. Therefore, companies should use more passive methods to reduce piracy.

Companies like Google and Microsoft are taking popular torrent sites and overriding their priorities in search results in their browsers. So if you are looking for a site by name, you may have to dig deep to find them. It makes people think the site is gone, so they give up.

DuckDuckGo makes pirate content difficult for people

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