Duke’s basketball team gives puppy Coach K as a retirement gift


Retired coach Duke Mike Krzyzewski may need to get used to another “coach” in the family.

On Thursday night, his team from Duke University surprised him and his wife Mickey with an eight-week-old silver Labrador puppy.

“Listen, we can’t repay you for what you’ve done for all of us, but we’ll give it a try,” new Duke coach John Scheer said.

“You know, since you have a lot more time now, coach, we thought you needed to train something. And that’s why we want you to meet a new member of your family – a coach. “

There was a puppy in a collar named “Coach”. The crowd rejoiced and the surrounding players laughed when team captain Wendel Moore handed him the puppy.

Krzyzewski kissed the dog on the head and waved his paw at those present.

Right at the sign Coach, a puppy, glanced at Coach K., the iconic college basketball coach, sniffed and a few grateful licks.

Mickey Krzyzewski smiled and covered his face in disbelief.

The presentation of the puppy took place at the banquet of the annual Duke Basketball Award at the indoor stadium Cameron, where for 42 years Krzyzewski created an economical team and left a powerful legacy. He finished with 1202 wins, more than any other college basketball coach.

Last year, Krzyzewski’s dog Blue died, lung cancer. The Yellow Labrador has been a fixture in their lives for more than 12 years, according to The News & Observer.

“He was my boyfriend,” Krzyzewski told The N&O last year. “When I came home, I was playing, I was working a lot on the street, watching the tape – he was there. I miss him. “

So while Coach will never replace Blue, he offers Krzyzewski a fresh start when he starts his own new chapter.

“It was a beautiful night,” Krzyzewski, 75, told The N&O in a text message Thursday. “Very happy! We were surprised by the puppy. Our grandchildren kept him for a few days and called him a coach.

“Not sure it sticks.”

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Duke’s basketball team gives puppy Coach K as a retirement gift

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