Early rumors from Crimson Tide fall camp


Welcome to Alabama Football Fan Updates. Before the first game, there will be more information on some of the Crimson Tide’s opponents than on Nick Saban’s team.

Journalists’ access to COVID was limited. The new normal is the COVID lockdown. For a team looking for a different conclusion to the one it had last season, perhaps a minimum access is warranted. But that doesn’t mean Alabama football fans have to like it.

What we do offer are photos, video clips and a limited amount of words from Nick Saban and individual players, with well-rehearsed commentary. And, of course, the only preseason opportunity to hear from the Tide’s offensive and defensive coordinators. Their scripts are also carefully packaged.

Nick Saban is justified in controlling information this tightly because he is the GOAT. But that doesn’t mean we have to like it. In fairness to Saban, Barrett Sully is correct in the tweet below.

What fills the void of such little access is speculation and hearsay. It is ironic that a man who so carefully avoids hypotheticals contributes to many of the assumptions of others.

So be it – let’s discuss what we hear that has at least some credibility.

Alabama Fall Football Camp Rumors

  • Tyler Steen will need to beat out Kendall Randolph to win the starting left tackle slot. No offense to Randolph, who deserves credit for his effort and results over several seasons, but if Steen doesn’t leapfrog Randolph soon, Tide fans will be worried.
  • Kam Latu has an undisclosed injury that Nick Saban doesn’t want to discuss. He is expected to miss camp time but not game action. Does the secrecy of the trauma indicate that it could be worse? The answer is hypothetically both yes and no.
  • Eli Ricks may or may not live up to All-American expectations — because he may or may not be a quick learner of the Tide’s defensive system.
  • The Crimson Tide’s starting linebacker admits Jameer Gibbs is very difficult to cover, which is a good thing.
  • Roydell Williams could be the RB2.
  • For a previously overly large young man, Jaheim Oatis moves well.

In the “what we know because Nick Saban told us” category are DeMarco Hellams and Ja’Cory Brooks, both fully recovered from past injuries.

And we know it

An oft-repeated rumor about last season was that offensive line coach Doug Marrone was under-committed. Many Alabama football fans believe that statement is 100% true.

Early rumors from Crimson Tide fall camp

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