End of time: Lisa Marie Presley died in debt


CHARLOTTE, NC – Bojangles is entering the world of adult beverages. On Tuesday, it announced its first strong sweet tea. Bojangles says it partnered with Appalachian Mountain Brewing to create the alcoholic beverage. The solid sweet tea will be available in North and South Carolina in March, but not at Bojangles restaurants. You can buy it at most grocery stores and gas stations. The solid sweet tea will come in 12-ounce 12-ounce bags and individual 16-ounce cans.

In addition, a new study found that spending time in nature three to four times a week reduces the need for certain medications. The study was published in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Researchers surveyed 6,000 random people in the three largest cities in Finland. It found that those moments in nature, such as a walk in a park or along a lake, were associated with a lower likelihood of using medication for blood pressure, anxiety and asthma. According to the study, observing nature indoors does not work.

And court documents show that Lisa Marie Presley died in debt. Documents detailing her divorce from Michael Lockwood say Presley had $95,000 in her bank account and $700,000 in stocks, but owed the IRS $1.8 million. Before his death, Presley’s monthly expenses were more than $92,000. This included her $23,000 in rent and more than $1,000 for the Maserati.

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End of time: Lisa Marie Presley died in debt

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