Finally (hopefully) the Manning Arch saga is over


Congratulations to Steve Sargsyan and the University of Texas on behalf of Alabama football fans. The Longhorns received a commitment from quarterback № 1 in the 2023 class, Arch of Manning.

Better known than his dad, but less famous than his uncles and grandfather, Arch Manning did not have time to decide to go to college. Some Alabama football fans feel a long-standing hostility to Uncle Peyton, but, to the credit of the whole family, the recruitment process has been handled pointlessly.

Until the early signing period, other teams will not give up the pursuit of Manning. Hopefully the Alabama Crimson Tide won’t be one of them. Nick Saban and Bill O’Brien already had their best defender in Class 23 at Eli Holstein.

Saban wants two QBs in the 2023 class. The couple will never be Holstein and Manning. Now perhaps another talented QB recruit; perhaps Dylan Lonergan will choose Alabama football.

Arch Manning is likely to become a college football star. Maybe someday he will do what his uncles did, and the defender will become the NFL team that won the Super Bowl. Despite all this promise, Arch was never a recruit for Crimson Tide.

QB Football Hall in Alabama 2023 is already loaded with elite talents of Jalen Milro, Tay Simpson and Eli Holstein.

Check out some of the responses on social media to what Arch Manning chooses Texas.

How did the Texas Longhorns land in Archie Manning? If the deal was NIL, and there are no claims to it – it would not be a decisive factor. The Manning family made millions on football and thanks to that. Collectively it should be a rich asset for generations.

The turning point was probably Steve Sargsyan. Some Alabama football fans and many Atlanta Falcons fans have never given Sargsyan a balance to his offensive mind. Based on numerous reports, Archie, Peyton and Eli disagree.

When Sargsyan and Lane Kifin were together in Pete Carroll, Southern California, it was Sark who was considered the instigator of the offensive. Because of Sargsyan Arch Manning has to live well in Austin. So well, Quinn Uers can spend the season looking over his shoulder.

There is a plus for Crimson Tide fans when Manning chooses Texas. As illogical as it may seem, but if Arch had joined the Tide, there was no guarantee that Peyton would have attended the game dressed in crimson. Instead, he could wear an orange orange.

Finally (hopefully) the Manning Arch saga is over

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