Find your way in 4-day cricket with Vihan Lube


Wiehan Lube, who beats the warriors, took us on a journey into the minds of a 4-day cricket player.

The left-hander stressed how much 4-day cricket is one step ahead and how players are maneuvering in the longest format.

Cricket with the red ball was much harder for the youth in South African domestic cricket. This is either a young guy performing well in his first season of 4-day cricket and then going through a recession, or they just need a few seasons to adapt to a new level.

“It’s definitely a step up in intensity. You don’t get a lot of bad balls, ”Vikhan Lube said Cricket Fanatics Magazine.

“I guess it will take some time to get used to it and understand how you’re going to go about it. That’s why you see that the guys have a few good seasons and then the next one will be hard. The intensity is so high, and it’s a mental game. ” X

This season we saw that Keegan Petersen, Marco Jansen, Sarel Hervie and Kyle Verrein performed well relatively early in their test careers. But it wasn’t so nice when they started their 4-day cricket career. It took Ervy six years of 3-day semi-professional cricket to break into 4-day cricket at the franchise level.

On the contrary, a young man like Reinard van Tonder did exceptionally well in the first couple of seasons, but last season it was difficult for him. Lube made it clear to us that players need to overcome their careers with the red ball,

“I definitely had conversations with them (Keegan, Sarel, etc.). I probably wouldn’t need it if you looked at the names of the guys you mentioned. They had 2/3 of the season to go through the falls in franchise cricket. They know how to react when things are going well and when things are not going well, ”he continued.

“You mentioned Raynor, for example, there used to be a lot of hype around him, as it should be, he had some really good seasons.

From personal experience, there is an expectation that comes with this. This expectation creates a different type of pressure.

“These guys you’re talking about now, maybe they’ve found a way to handle it and maybe mentally know how to ride the wave at the moment of getting their chances.

“Reinard will come out of what I would call, perhaps, a middle season by his standards, but still not a terrible season. He will come out on the other hand a much better player because he is a hardworking kid, he will come back and work hard this winter. Maybe next year he will return better. ”

The Warriors have always been an environment where players finally find form and realize their full potential. Marco Jansen, Diego Rozier and Vihan Lube are some of the examples of players who spent the best seasons after joining Gkeberha.

With Wihan Lubbe moving to the Eastern Cape has become a complete opportunity to run in all formats.

“Earlier this evening, Riza and I talked about this specific topic. Leaving the Lions for me was leaving a membership of 5 to 8 years. At the time, it was very difficult to make a decision.

“But it comes down to deciding on cricket, and no matter how difficult it was, it brought dividends,” Lube said.

“The experience I went through and the extra help I got from the coaching staff and players on the Warriors team. It was invaluable. It was one of my more mature seasons.

“I’ll never know how it would have turned out if I had stayed, but I know that if you had given me this season (season 21/22) two seasons ago, saying that‘ if you had left, you would have come would to this point. ” “I would probably take it.”

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Find your way in 4-day cricket with Vihan Lube

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