Ford F-150 Lightning gets 10 miles of range, but price jumps $7,000 to start at $46,974


Days of Art Ford F-150 Lightning what was a great deal is over as the company raises prices “due to significant increases in material costs and other factors.”

As a result, customers placing an order for the new F-150 Lightning will have to shell out $46,974 for the entry-level Pro variant. That’s $7,000 more than before and an increase of nearly 18%.

The bad news doesn’t stop there: the XLT trim goes from $52,974 to $59,474, a $6,500 increase. Up the ladder, the XLT High trim now starts at $68,474 and rises to $80,974 with the Extended Range battery. The Lariat will set you back $74,474 or $85,974 with the extended-range battery. Finally, the top Platinum Extended Range will now sell for $96,874.

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A sharp increase in prices – what $6,000 to $8,500 – will surely disappoint, but Ford noted that they are “adjusting the MSRP on the F-150 Lightning for the first time since it was revealed in May 2021, and has met the MSRP for all customer orders to date.” Owners of current orders awaiting delivery are not affected by the price increase, and the company said: “Lightning reservation holders who previously received an invitation to order but decided to extend their reservation because their vehicle’s specifications were not available will receive a private offer to use in the coming waves “.

The price hike was announced ahead of order banks reopening on Thursday for the next wave of reservation holders.

More assortment and new colors

Prices aside, Ford announced F-150 Lightnings equipped with a standard-range battery, will now have an EPA-estimated range target of 240 miles (386 km). This is a slight increase from the previous rating of 230 miles (370 km).

Ford is also updating the truck’s color palette, as Avalanche Gray and Metallic Gray are new to the lineup. They replace Atlas Blue, Ice Blue Silver and Smoked Quartz Metallic, which are disappearing this fall.

Other changes include the availability of Pro Trailer Hitch Assist, which controls the steering, throttle and brakes to make hitching trailers easier. Pro Trailer Hitch Assist is now included as part of the Towing Technology package, which is available on the Pro, XLT and Lariat trims, as well as the standard Platinum and select Lariat trims.

Last but not least, Ford offers a special service package for the F-150 Lightning Pro. Designed to appeal to fleet customers, the package includes heavy-duty fabric police front seats, integrated steel skid plates and available roof-mounted LED beacons.

Ford F-150 Lightning gets 10 miles of range, but price jumps $7,000 to start at $46,974

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