Ford has run out of brand badges and model nameplates, causing delivery delays


The auto industry has been facing supply shortages, and the latest production hiccup to knock Ford down is not a big deal at the same time. The blue oval can’t find enough blue ovals for its cars.

Ford has been forced to delay the delivery of some cars because it didn’t have enough distinctive badges to put on them, reports The Wall Street Journal. Moreover, the automaker is struggling to find enough nameplates to supply all the cars it makes.

Unnamed people familiar with the matter told the publication that the shortage has affected some of the automaker’s key high-margin vehicles, such as its F-series pickups. Naturally, he looked for alternative solutions, but this turned out to be more difficult than expected.

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Ford executives reportedly tested from 3D printing insignia as a temporary solution until more permanent ones can be obtained. But they ended up abandoning the idea because they didn’t think the output was of high enough quality to send to customers.

Ford A spokesperson told the agency that the company would upgrade the badges on any vehicles that were detained for not having badges. However, the company also manufactures and supplies several trucks with the blue oval badge.

Tribar Technologies, Inc., a company that supplies exterior trim and other parts to a number of automakers, including Ford, was forced to halt production in August because it was dumping industrial chemicals into the local sewage system. Fortunately, the chemicals were discovered before they caused significant damage to the environment, so the company said it is now operating at full capacity. However, neither Ford nor Tribar have confirmed if this is the reason for the missing badge.

Ford has up to 45,000 unfinished vehicles

The automaker said Monday it expects to have between 40,000 and 45,000 vehicles in inventory at the end of this quarter that cannot be shipped to dealers because they are waiting for parts. Beyond badges, automakers continue to struggle to procure semiconductor chips and other critical parts. Unfortunately, these supply chain problems exist projected to last until 2024.

Ford has run out of brand badges and model nameplates, causing delivery delays

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