Forecasting the Denver Broncos receiver’s broad statistics for 2022


Russell Wilson has never played with such a talented band as the wide core Denver Broncos receiver. Let’s forecast their figures for 2022.

Russell Wilson has never played with as much talent as he currently does in his attack with Denver Broncos.

With an elite but unproven core of reception and a competent line of attack, Wilson and head coach Nathaniel Hackett are sure to make a big attack on the field in 2022 and beyond.

The Broncos Country should rightly be excited that the team is not only competent signal subscriber but an elite who has made a lot of yards and landings in his career.

However, not every season from Russell Wilson is eye-catching.

The Seahawks often tried to create a strategy of creating a “good defense / good game” team during Wilson’s career.

Seattle usually had a very good defense and a great game that complemented it.

Perhaps one of the reasons why Wilson didn’t want to stay in Seattle anymore is that he wanted to be represented in a crime that threw the ball more, which is fair.

Fortunately, Nathaniel Hackett has just served as an offensive coordinator for the Green Bay Packers for three seasons, overseeing consecutive MVP seasons from Aaron Rogers.

Now in Denver Hackett is getting the final word in attack as head coach and I think we will see a very heavy passive attack by Denver Broncos.

Denver has four receivers, depending on who you ask.

KJ Hamler seems to be progressing well after his torn ACL, and when healthy, he is a pure WR4 in a very, very deep unit.

Let’s try to predict statistic figures for the top four Denver Broncos receivers.

Cortland Satan is a clear WR1 for the Denver Broncos. He is a professional bowler and the only Broncos receiver who has scored at least 1,000 yards per season. He did it with a combination of Joe Flack, Brendan Allen and Drew Locke in the quarterback.

Now that Wilson throws him the ball, I think we see that Satan is getting a bigger share of receptions during the season.

I consider the 2020 season of DK Metcalf as a good landmark for Satan. Metcalfe caught 83 passes over 1,300 yards.

Since the core that takes the Broncos is deeper than what was in Seattle in 2020, I think those numbers will be a little smaller.

Satan’s big body will be good to stretch the field a bit, so I expect he will average about 15 yards per reception, which is the average of his career.

Let’s predict what Cortland Sutton catches 75 passes for approximately 1,125 yards.

Although these are not high numbers, they show that Satan is simultaneously playing with an elite QB and that there are other mouths that need to be fed, e.g. Jerry Judy.

Jerry Judy could play the role of Davante Adams in this crime, which would be exceptional. They are something like players.

Jeudy is a gifted runner on routes and a bit underestimated in the speed department.

I would expect the Hackett / Wilson combination to just get Judy the ball in their hands.

Letting Jeudy work after the catch is perhaps his greatest gift. It is mobile and has the speed to overtake most.

Getting the Jeudy ball on shorter development routes while guys like Cortland Satan, Tim Patrick and Kay Jay Hamler, stretching the field can be a very good deal for Jeudy, who is going into a very big third season.

Again, with the receivers and other offensive weapons available in the Broncos, I wouldn’t expect Jerry Judy to make monster season, but he will definitely enjoy the best season of his career so far given that he does not miss the game due to his recent problem off the field.

Let’s predict what Jerry Jedi is catching 70 passes for 1,050 yards.

I think the 1,000-yard season is solid in achievement, given that Jedi scored 850 yards in his opening season with Drew Locke as a defender.

Let’s not make it hard. Jeudy is taking well and will play well this season.

Tim Patrick’s time. I think Patrick is a low-end WR1 talent who can serve as a WR1 for multiple teams.

Given that he is in Denver, he will become perhaps the best WR3 in football history.

I don’t think Tim Patrick will get a big load, but he will still be a very effective player.

I would expect most of the defenses to pay attention to Satan and Judy, Patrick is the one who can reveal the charts of the depths of the opponents’ defenses, because CB3 and CB4 will probably be against him.

Over the past two seasons, Patrick has scored more than 700 yards, averaging about 14 yards per reception.

Let’s predict Tim Patrick catches 60 passes per 850 receiving yards.

Time for K. J. Hamler. Hamler rebuilds a torn PKS. Obviously, he could return for the first week, which would be great for the Denver Broncos.

Hamler is best suited to Tyler Lockett, so expect him to catch a few longer passes during the season. I personally don’t relate to Hamler, but I think he might break out a bit in 2022. Again, given how deep this core is taking Broncas, expect some pieces in the second grade to line up against him.

Hamler should be able to beat these players consistently, and his speed below 4.3 should allow him to occasionally burn secondary.

Let’s predict the catch of K.J. Hamler 35 passes for 560 yards.

For most other crimes, Hamler could be WR2 or WR3, but he will need to earn a place as WR4 at least until 2022.

I think under the leadership of Russell Wilson The Broncos Crime at worst it will enter the top ten. It has a lot of quality receivers that you can throw the ball, a very good backing stall, two young, exciting, sporting tight-ends and a competent offensive line, which in 2021 took the middle league.

Forecasting the Denver Broncos receiver’s broad statistics for 2022

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