Four potential surprises this spring


Alabama football will not come out of spring with an official two-deep. Considering the next 13 exercises before A-Day, Nick Saban won’t say much about the young players. If asked, he may say they worked hard, but for Saban the player’s praise needs to be earned with more than a few exercises.

This is not to say that Nick Saban will not reward young players with playful actions and even starting roles. Saban will always play with the guys you can trust the most to do their job and give the team the best chance of winning. Given this, new players who do not arrive in Tuscaloosa until May have a chance to get key roles.

One thing that will be interesting this spring is how many sophomores, freshmen and early seniors get time with the first blocks in the A-Day game. Anyone who does has a chance to start in the fall.

Potential surprises for the Alabama footballer

Selected based on the needs and potential talent of the players, Crimson Tide fans will keep a close eye on the spring successes of Tyler Booker, Aaron Anderson, Kendrick Lo and Terion Arnold.

A week ago we discussed the best attack options for the Scarlet Tide. Tyler Booker was enrolled early. Booker has at least six guys ahead of him in the competition for new starting right and left rebounds. Three of the six, Havion Cohen, Dameon George Jr. and JS Latham will also be on guard. The best chance for Booker to stand out this spring could come from an attack by Crimson Tide’s second team in A-Day. He wants a lead role in the fall, but insiders in Alabama believe Booker is already physically capable of competing.

If Ja’Corey Brooks missed the spring due to an injury, there is a chance for the young wide receiver to progress quickly. When he recovers, Brooks along with juniors, Thracian Holden and Jermaine Burton and sophomore Jojo Earl seem to have best achieved key roles this fall. Sophomores Christian Lear and Agia Hall cannot be counted.

With big springs, two freshmen who entered early could put themselves in the competition. These are Aaron Anderson and Kendrick Lowe. Lo is an exceptional athlete who can also play in running or in defense.

Check out some points from Aaron Anderson and Kendrick Lowe.

Since there will be only three healthy players in Alabama’s running football team this spring, Luo may get a backback job. On The official Crimson Tide list, The law is designated as a broad receiver.

Another guy to follow this spring is first-grader Terion Arnold. Arnold is now listed as a corner defender, but he can play in any position in the secondary. Arnold has a good chance of becoming a key backup this fall when Tide D is in his career.

Watch the video below as Terion training in the off-season.

These four guys along with several other young or less experienced players will make the most interesting spring.

Four potential surprises this spring

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