Fuel prices are expected to rise in NC


RALEIGH, NC (WNCN) – The price of gas per gallon is now at a record high. According to the AAA, the national average is up to $ 4.17 per gallon.

Farmers rely heavily on fuel, and unfortunately their pain is passed on to consumers.

Cheryl Moore works at her parents ’booth at a North Carolina farm market. She grew up in agriculture.

“We’ve been here since I was in the arena,” she said.

Her parents own Ronnie Moore’s Fruits and Veggies. The farm is about 45 minutes from the market. They burn a lot of gas, bringing fresh produce to the market every day of the week.

“It will definitely affect us, and prices for everything should eventually rise, because the demand for gas is very high,” – Moore.

Increased operating costs start back on the farm, and much of their work depends on fuel.

“Tractors go from one field to another, and we store products in a cooler that is not on the farm,” she said.

In addition, the North Carolina Department of Agriculture reported that the price of fertilizer is the highest since 2008.

These increased fertilizer costs affect how much farmers can plan. For example, they said we can plant more soybeans because they require less fertilizer. At the same time we can see that less corn is sown because it requires more fertilizer.

All this affects their results.

“We need to find a balance between staying in business and continuing to make money,” Moore said.

Even those who want to decorate their yard with local greenery can expect small changes. Ginger Nichols worked at McLamb’s Nursery for several seasons. She said it was difficult to deal with gas prices now.

“It will definitely affect tariffs for delivery, bringing plants out of the nursery to the market and the like,” Nichols said.

The business absorbs as much of the increased operating costs as possible. She said her prices have risen by a dollar or two since last season.

“Nobody questioned it at all. Our prices are still very reasonable, we feel, ”Nichols said.

Loyal customer support will be crucial for all manufacturers this season.

“Summer time, it definitely compensates for the slow time we have now,” Moore said. And more than ever, she hopes it will be the same this year.

Fuel prices are expected to rise in NC

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