Gabrielle Union says she felt ‘entitled to cheat’


CHARLOTTE, NC – Actress Gabrielle Union has opened up about her first marriage to former NFL player Chris Howard. She describes this marriage as “dysfunctional from day one.” In the last episode of Dax Shepard An expert on chairs podcast Union says she “felt entitled to be unfaithful in her marriage to Howard.”

They married in 2001 and divorced in 2006. A friend gave the couple a therapy session, and the therapist recommended that they break up because they had nothing in common but other people.

The Bad guys The 2 star goes on to say that part of her infidelity was due to her husband also allegedly cheating. She adds that their dynamic also made her think her actions were justified.
Union says, “Neither of us felt that marriage should interfere with our dating. Part of it was like keeping up with his activities, like, “Oh, is that what you’re doing?” You will feel it.’ And I also felt entitled to it. I paid all the bills. I worked (under censorship) and felt that this was what was coming, the making of riches. And like my dad before me, whoever has the most can do anything.”

Union is currently married to former NBA star Dwyane Wade. The share of the daughter of Kaavih James.

Our question of the evening: Is infidelity a deal breaker?

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Gabrielle Union says she felt ‘entitled to cheat’

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