Gary Neville argues that some Manchester United players want teammates to fail

The legend of “United” exploded in the dressing room (Photo: Getty / Sky Sports)

Gary Neville still believes that there are “big problems”. Manchester United dressing room, despite the victory over Tottenham, and even claims that some players are actively rooting for the failure of their teammates.

The Red Devils have regained fourth place, at least for now Arsenal played – thanks to the stunning Cristiano Ronaldo a hat-trick at Old Trafford on Saturday, holding the Spurs 3-2 in an entertaining encounter.

Interim Chief Ralph Ranknik has only lost twice since taking office, but Neville feels he still has big problems with team spirit and camaraderie at United, and he doesn’t really consider the win over Tottenham.

Ronaldo’s hat-trick secured United three significant points (Photo: Getty)

“I think there are big problems in this dressing room, right now, between the characters in the dressing room that exist,” Neville told Sky Sports after the United win.

“I don’t think it’s great. In fairness, if Tottenham were ahead at any point in the game, you would see that he capitulated pretty quickly.

“I don’t think there’s a deep spirit in this dressing room that you see in games. The performances are very ambiguous.

“When you see Ralph Rangnik’s interview, you get the impression that he doesn’t like the team so much, it’s not in his name, not in the spirit and not in the way he wants to play.

“He’s just trying to get to the end of the season as best he can and do the best job he can, and he’s plastering cuts and wounds that I think are deep.”

He continued: “If you do not agree to be left, obviously you may have problems with the manager, but your friend who decided to play for you, you need to make sure you take care of him, you wish him all the best.

“We were all left out at times when we thought it was cruel, but you go into that dressing room and say to the guy who took your place, ‘Come on, play well today.’ And then you have a good dressing room.

United will play Athletics after Spurs on Tuesday (Photo: Getty)

“Manchester United do not have such a dressing room at the moment. I think they will probably sit on the bench and watch their teammates think, “I hope the guy who came out in my place will have a bad game today.” I think it’s a little bit, I really don’t think it’s that strong [a dressing room] in general. ‘

Second expert Roy Keane agreed, adding: “Yes, it doesn’t look very good. They have some talented players, but that’s why Manchester United are fighting for fourth place and they beat Middlesbrough in the FA Cup and beat West. Ham ‘at home in the Carabao Cup.

“This group of players does not have this spirit and this struggle. We saw him a little [against Spurs], we have seen the brilliance of Ronaldo, but the problems at Manchester United are still there. And so “Manchester United” is fighting for the fourth position, and this is the best thing that will happen for a while. “

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Gary Neville argues that some Manchester United players want teammates to fail

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